Pulling a Batman: Gritty Re-Imaginings Are Unimaginative

Gi - It is a tough gritty world out there. To cope, people need a tough, moody protagonist in all video games, apparently, forever and ever (or until the fad dies). This has become a trend in games that gamers may have noticed. Tons of new titles today seem enamored by Christopher Nolan’s popular reinvention of the Batman franchise, it may be about time game designers started to try something new instead. Whether on the record or unofficially and whether in a stylistic or commercial approach, Legendary Pictures’ take on the Caped Crusader has infiltrated most of what people are playing. It is about time to shine the Bat-Signal on exactly why and how this has happened and if and when it will end.

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pr0t0typeknuckles2065d ago

i agree,heck it always kind of sadend me that whenever someone took a frachise that had its own personalitu and rebooted it into a typical gritty atmosphere,heck i know reboots are supposed to be different but whats the point if your killing its soul and taking what made it so unique in the first place and throwing it away,now im not saying gritty is bad,heck if a franchise was always meant to be gritty then it actually comes off as very frssh in a way,like infamous series and i love infamous,but at the same time its not too gritty,another example is prince of persia,sands of time was unique in every aspect,yet warrior within came out and made the prince gritty ,and while it was a very good game i just dont love it the same way i do like i did sands of time or the 2008 game,it in a way lost its personality..