Why Nostalgia Never Works….Even in Gaming


"Last week a popular rumor swept across the internet that a new Crash Bandicoot game was on the way. The news came from a “leaked” screenshot of an online countdown to the game’s announcement that an eagle-eyed fan had managed to see ahead of time before it was promptly taken down. The screenshot turned out to be a ruse, but the topic sent a ripple of interesting conversation through the gaming community: what would be want in a new Crash game?"

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Phil322040d ago

That's a part, but Nintendo's games stand on their own without nostalgia as well, or else kids growing up today wouldn't be enjoying them as much as adults do now.

Alos882039d ago

Old Nintendo games will probably always be fun to a new audience, my little brothers can play Mario 3 for hours, and they weren't even born when the NES was released.

No FanS Land2039d ago

well, the shadow moses act in MGS4 is quite nostalgic the first time you play it.

Ares84HU2039d ago

Nostalgia never works??? Than why do I get that great feeling when playing PS1 games??

Irishguy952039d ago

Because the games are still great.

You cna still go and play Great games you missed back then..they'll still be great. Played Suikoden 2 recently enough/ great game