Steam Early Access Released

Steam has opened up a new section in their store to buy alpha builds of games for the chance to playtest them as the developers work on them.

UPDATE: Valve's official announcement added to the article.

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aviator1892038d ago

That's a really neat feature to get the community involved.

It'll definitely help make final versions of games more stable and hopefully well received by the community.

grailly2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I got kenshi, looking forward to playing it tonight. I was interested by prison architect, but it's on the expensive side.

which ones would you recommend? under the ocean looks interesting.

exsturminator012038d ago

I've got my eye on Kenshi and Prison Architect myself actually, maybe Arma 3 if I can work up the nerve to try a shooter that in depth.

pompombrum2038d ago

A fantastic idea.. I liked how Arma 3 done this and it helps independent developers finance the rest of their projects. Unfortunately though, while Arma 3 is considered "alpha" I don't think you'll find many alphas as bug free as this and it could damage the game's reputation in the long run.

abradley2038d ago

How could it damage Arma 3's reputation?

pompombrum2038d ago

It won't damage Arma 3's reputation becaus the Arma 3 alpha is more polished than some fully released games. I'm talking about other games alphas being filled with bugs.

ElementX2038d ago

This is the 3rd article that introduces Early Access

kwyjibo2038d ago

The first game on Early Access is Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Animal Mutha 762038d ago

Lol too late for that beta :)

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