IGN Controversy Arises Due To Battlefield 4's Website Source Code, Hints At Incoming Previews

DSOGaming: "The official website of Battlefield 4 has gone live today, however its source code includes a hidden message that made some laugh and others cry out loud. It appears that IGN has already a promo article for DICE’s upcoming FPS title, suggesting that EA has partnered with IGN in order to promote it."

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barb_wire2135d ago

So, is IGN now buying 'exclusive' reviews for upcoming games?

okmrman2135d ago ShowReplies(3)
honkayjeezus2134d ago

They have been for a while.

Have you seen the Halo 4 and Gears Judgment review scores?

MattyG2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Well seeing as how Scott Lowe is IGN's tech editor, it's more likely EA doing something shady. I don't think he'd draw attention to something his site is doing wrong. Why would someone who works at IGN Tweet something possibly incriminating to them? I think this is EA being arrogant and using this as a place holder for a real ad.

phantomexe2135d ago

There only a handful of sites i even trust reviews from, ign being one of them.

shadowwizard2135d ago

Trusting IGN with their reviews? Lulz.

papashango2135d ago

pretty sure that was a troll

7/10 for believability.

phantomexe2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Really i trust ign with there reviews. I don't alwasy agree but for the most part there good. There isn't one site that reviews games that anyone going agree with 100% of the time. Which sites do you trust the most?

DOMination-2135d ago

IGN have been pretty spot on with reviews recently. Are there any in particular you've disagreed with for you not to trust them?

Kurt Russell2134d ago

I like to watch IGN's video reviews. Regardless of what they personally say, you always come away with a good idea of what the game is about.

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secretcode2135d ago

...IGN? Really?

The home of the Four Point rating system?

Welshy2134d ago

The Angry Joe Show does the most fair reviews in my opinion, i always watch his video reviews before i go anywhere else.

The guy is a real gamer with no business interest and actually comes across really passionate.

Also his 1-10 actually makes sense, 7/10 being a good game, 8/10 is an awesome game and 9/10+ being amazing in every way.

All to often people see 7 and 8 scores and call the games a "flop", if everything has to be a 9/10 to be worthy of a purchase then the ?/10 review scale used across most sites is just plain broken and doesn't fairly represent games at all.

HiddenMission2134d ago


Bro IGN lies and ommits stuff from reviews all the time. Ive called them out with facts and they blocked me. Hell they even responded one time telling me facts dont matter its all about opinions....the f**ks a review if not based on fact!

You need to research better because IGN is and has been trash at reviewing games for 4 years straight.

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PockyKing2135d ago

Sigh, one site banking on another site/publishers controversy. The cycle continues..

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