Next Level has been working on "new top-secret game" since October

NE: "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon developer Next Level Games has apparently been creating a secret project since October."

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kirbyu2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Makes me wonder. Hope it's shown at E3.

WiiUsauce2090d ago

I hope it's a 2.5D Metroid game on 3DS!!!

PopRocks3592091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Better be at E3, dang it.


Let's not get our hopes up until we get there. I would really appreciate them busting out a LOT of games, some casual (Wii Fit U would be okay) but mostly AAA stuff. Thing is there is no way to tell for sure how it will go.

Theyellowflash302091d ago

Nintendo is going to release some onslaught of Wii U games at E3, you can bet on that.

gamernova2091d ago

I hope they take it *puts shades on* to the next level.

Jek_Porkins2091d ago

I think Nintendo probably wishes they had some more software out for the Wii U right now, but they'll need some real killer software to compete with the launch of the next Xbox and PlayStation, so I'm definitely looking forward to this.

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