Japan: Nintendo 3DS Reclaims Top Spot From PlayStation Vita

The Nintendo 3DS has reclaimed the top spot in the Japanese hardware charts after a huge sales boost for the PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation Vita was the best-selling format last week due to a well needed price cut. The Nintendo 3DS sold 69,439 units this week, compared to the PlayStation Vita which sold 36,028 units. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

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Trunkz Jr2039d ago

Congratz to Vita tho, hopefully that will stomp out the doom and gloom articles.

Canary2039d ago

Remember gamers: if your console is selling well, it has the best games; if it's not selling well, it has zero games and you should be ashamed for owning it.

So, congratulations, Japanese 3DS owners! You're no longer shameful pieces of trash!