X-Play Review - Frontlines: Fuel of War

Those hoping for a strong single-player campaign should consider Frontlines a rental at best, as the entire experience is over within six hours. Yet if your Xbox Live itch hasn't been scratched by either Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3, consider moving Frontlines to the top of your soldier's shopping list. Once you see your little remote-controlled helicopter take out a pesky sniper on the roof and then destroy an entire vehicle, you'll be hooked.

Review by: Scott Alan Marriott


• Cool futuristic drones
• Six classes and four role types
• Exciting multiplayer action for up to 50 combatants


• Inconsistent frame rate
• Underwhelming visuals
• Lackluster single-player campaign

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Blademask3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

• Inconsistent frame rate
• Underwhelming visuals
• Lackluster single-player campaign

Building games the 360 cant handle.



I mean


3970d ago
socomnick3969d ago

It was building games the xbox 360 cant handle right. Is that why the ps3 did not get this game.

SOLDADO2063969d ago

oh you dont know nothin bout that

JVIDICAN3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

its cons are in 3 major fields (framerate, graphics, single player) and it still gets a 4/5. thats a little bit to generous, mutiplayer only goes so far

LastDance3969d ago


• Inconsistent frame rate
• Underwhelming visuals
• Lackluster single-player campaign
so it looks ugly, runs ugly and has a Sh!t singleplayer...
and this guy whos a game critic apaprently give it a 4/5???

... What has the world of gaming turned into. great so now its FCK the single player...4/5 to any game with multiplayer.

Nothing better then a generation of braindead games.
worst is people buy this trash so why WOULD they put in a decent single player mode.
Thanks guys.

i Shank u3969d ago

sounds like you're being a critic without having played the game, the worst kind of all. the game is great dude, the single player isnt the greatest thing ever, but for the online sanbox-genre it's a much better offering then any of the battlefield games.

3969d ago
actas1233969d ago

What the heck is up wit this devs that screw single player just to give us a "good" multi player". What the heck man, most ppl don't even play online, why ruin it for most ppl. Why don't they make a decent game with good and relatively long enough SP?? 50 plaers online! oh really! who gives the damn. I don't see why ppl even like playing those multiplayer maps, they are so boring, its like a bunch of sheep running after each other. Multiplayer should only be for sport games and coops period.

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