X-Play Review - Bully: Scholarship Edition

If you've never played Bully before, understand that the Wii version is a genuine improvement over the PS2 one. The extra content is solid, the controls are good, and the game itself holds up really well. Here's to another couple of semesters at Bullworth Academy.

Review by: Greg Bemis


• New content is excellent
• Wii Controls are good
• Visuals have improved slightly


• Multiplayer is a waste of time
• Load times are still annoying

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Harry1903966d ago

did not review the 360 version because of alledged problems.hell,
why should it be like this.just because it's having problems on a particular console you don't review even if it's already out.why?because it would make the console look bad?don't tell me they can't even get their hands on a good copy.they should care more about reviewing the GAME and let people know.