Europe / Others Software Chart for Week Ending March 8th, 2008

VGChartz reports that the Europe / Others software charts for week ending March 8th, 2008 was as follows:

Top 15 Software:

1 Wii Sports (Wii) 73,622 7,175,001
2 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) 55,900 412,100
3 Army of Two (360) 53,807 53,807 [NEW]
4 Brain Training (DS) 45,534 5,666,830
5 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 43,273 1,652,032
6 More Brain Training (DS) 42,175 3,528,358
7 Army of Two (PS3) 41,009 41,009 [NEW]
8 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PSP) 39,429 93,818
9 Pokemon Diamond / Pearl (DS) 37,292 3,719,123
10 Wii Play (Wii) 36,020 3,161,266
11 Nintendogs (DS) 34,533 9,230,423
12 Bully: Scholarship Edition (360) 32,607 32,607 [NEW]
13 Maths Training (DS) 31,846 192,589
14 New Super Mario Bros (DS) 31,528 4,117,125
15 Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends (DS) 30,485 139,427

Other New Releases:

32 Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3) 17,255 17,255 [NEW]
45 Dynasty Warriors 6 (360) 12,515 12,515 [NEW]
46 MX vs. ATV Untamed (360) 12,413 12,413 [NEW]

Software Totals: (Last Week #)

DSL: 580,506 (690,831)
Wii: 435,940 (503,116)
360: 323,006 (295,857)
PS3: 313,844 (298,919)
PSP: 75,840 (96,035)
PS2: 50,135 (55,830)

And Hardware Numbers as reported earlier:

DSL: 131,031 (-24%)
PS3: 75,246 (-0%)
Wii: 73,622 (-20%)
PSP: 45,212 (+2%)
360: 44,662 (-6%)
PS2: 38,738 (-6%)

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HarryEtTubMan3971d ago

HAHA Look at a console half as old as the other keeping up neck and neck in software. HAHAHAHAHHA

BOT YOU HAVE LOST. Just leave this site. It's becoming embarrassing even for me. Xbox 360 isn't just going to flop. It already is flopping LMAO OWNED RROD Ignitor hahahhaha!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


Watch and grimace in the demise of the Crapbox 180. Today Microsft signed off the death sentance of the 360... and its still not going to sale well HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH HAHAHHHAHA


doodle3971d ago

4 new x360 games were released last week vs just 2 ps3 games

This is why x360 is slightly above ps3 in software sales.

PS3 has already passed X360 LTD in europe

PLUS these are VGCRAP numbers ----VGCRAP has inflated x360 HW sales by atleast 2 million

x360 hasnt yet reached 4 million in europe. Plus 60% of x360s have already been traded in for PS3 in europe

The HW sales should also be like

PS3 --100,000
x360 --30,000

********YOU WILL NEVER EVER find an x360 game in the charts of SPAIN,ITALY /France/germany

DMC4 ps3 version topped the charts of those regions. X360 version NEVER EVER made it to the TOP 10

dont trust these VGCRAP numbers. they deflate x360 sales and downgrade PS3 sales. They are based on XBOTTISH guesstimates

PopEmUp3970d ago

0.................beep..beep. .beep..Boom!Boom!Boom!!!

pwnmaster30003971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

im suprise army of two for 360 outsold the ps3 version in europe. and yeah suprise that 360 software outsold ps3 to
i agree with u cyrus, i wonder why ut3 didnt sell well in europe to.
and yeah im not that suprise i mean ps3 is still doing better then 360. and the whole no one buys game for the ps3 is slowly going down imean look at the software sales is only down by a little so yeah im not that suprise

Cyrus3653971d ago

Why though? ARmy of two appeals to 360 audience more...Look at Dynasty warrior for example, that did better on I think PS3 owners are more diverse. Hence why UT III didn't do that great on PS3, even though it was fairly highly rated, offer insane replay value, yet other titles is out selling it (On PS3).

ruibing3971d ago

The 360 still has about a million more users due to its early launch, but it's not going to last at this rate.

doodle3971d ago

those are VGCRAP numbers . Dont trust them. X360 hasnt even reached 4m in europe. Lot of x360s have been traded in for ps3s in europe especially spain/germany/france/italy.

This is why DMC4(ps3) topped the charts . on the other hand x360 version couldnt even make it to the top 10.

same goes to Burnout

dont trust these VGCRAP numbers. they are fully FAKE

caffman3970d ago

please stop giving the droid formally know as nasim accounts please! Kind of makes the bubble system u/s

Gam713970d ago

Well if anyone knows about giving the public fake stats and figures its you doodle.

60% this and 90% that.

Proof man, proof

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heyheyhey3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

just for comparison

total software sales for PS3- 313,844
divided by install base (around 11mil)

index= 0.029

total software sales for 360- 323,006
divided by install base (around 17.5mil)

index= 0.018

who buys more games now huh?

Cyrus3653971d ago

But your taking those # of global scale, why not Divide it by Total Europe console of each prespective consoles. I think those numbers are more interesting.

doodle3971d ago

These are VGCRAP numbers

X360 games dont even appear on the top 10 list of france/germany/spain/italy.

PS3 outsells x360 10:1 in most of those regions. Do you think x360 would ever sell more SW in europe.

even in UK ps3 beats x360 by huge margin especially after Blu Ray victory it is just PS3 all the way

********DONT trust those VGCRAP numbers

PS3 has already surpassed x360 in total sales IN EU. 60% of x360 have already been traded in for PS3 in europe

Gam713970d ago

the 360 does by 10,000 you said so yourself.

Attachment rate is not amount sold.
If a console sells two machines then 1 games it works ou at 50% but thats not gonna keep a developer happy. They only care about selling as many as possible. Stop trying poorly to twist certain facts to your advantage to keep people from seeing the bigger picture.

Fact is 323,000 is more than 313,000
so more sold on 360 which is the way the developer will see it.

Also doodle still with the 60% and no proof.

Again Proof man, Proof

Blademask3971d ago

When it was being outsold 10 to 1 worldwide/na

then that went to less than 2:1

And everyone still argues over 10,000 units.

It makes me think that people will argue down to the last cent.

Wildarmsjecht3971d ago

I agree completely. Ive been a visitor of this site since early last year. It was a constant barrage of "OMG! PS3 sucks, XBOX BETTAR. PS3 has no games, too much moneys, LIVE!!! T3h WINNAR!! *Picks Nose* and so on and so forth. Not to say some of the sony fanboys are any different, but at least now its just a role reversal. I'm hoping through all this nonsense, sooner or later people will realize, no matter what system, good games are coming out and we're reaping the benefits. Soon the systems will be cheap enough for a dual purchase, and then,..well then I hope theres no more fighting..but hey, what do I know. I'm a dreamer.

B4 you ask, I own a Ps3. My username here is my username there. See u online.

gEnKiE3971d ago

Maybe everybody is right when they say this is the year of the PS3. Sony def. has a good start into the year so we can hope. :)

Breakfast3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

"This site is funny. I remember when the LOLbus drove over the PS3 daily.."

The best part of last year was seeing Nasim trying to spin the numbers, or posting his wall of text with random links to websites that sold 4 xboxes and 12 ps3s in total...PS3 outsold xbox 3/ those were the days.

And people drove the "LOLbus" over the ps3 because it really did have nothing going for it... early in the year it didnt sell to sonys standards, multi-plat ports were done by panzi's...nothing went right.

Blademask3971d ago

Hopefully Sony/fans learned a lesson last year. Hopefully Microsoft/Fans have learend also that nothing is close to "over"

Everyone needs to drop the rivalry, and get back on the same team. The quality control this gen has fallen through the ground.

People are too busy fighting over which version of Kane and Lynch is better, to notice that Multiplats have stopped making visual progress since 2005.

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Danja3971d ago

hmmm the PS3 is selling almost indentical amount of software as the 360..I thought PS3 owners only watched movies....or maybe it's because 33% of 360's are dead...?

ICUP3971d ago


Good points and bubble up.

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