Will Microsoft drop Xbox 360 price in US?

With the recently-announced Xbox 360 price cuts in Europe, a US price drop may not be far behind according to some analysts.

In the US, the current retail price of the basic Xbox 360 model is USD 279.99 - compared to USD 249.99 for the Nintendo Wii and USD 399.99 for the 40GB PlayStation 3. A price drop of just USD 50 would price the Xbox 360 below the Wii and further increase the gap with the PS3.

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sonarus3971d ago

They cannot drop the price until they straighten out their supply issues. It just doesn't make sense from a business point of view

Harry1903971d ago

really,how bad are they?

ikiru33853971d ago

they don't really have an incentive to drop the price in the U.S. since 360 sales numbers are still pretty strong, unlike in Europe where the ps3 and wii maintain control. maybe a price cut around the fall or around the time gears of war 2 comes out.

Lifendz3971d ago

C'mon. There's 360s in every major retailer I went into on Saturday. And I know cuz I was there looking for Patapon. That game was sold out all over town. Anyways, they're dropping the price just to get the GTAIV crowd. Lets be real. Supply issues is just a way to save face in the rising surge of PS3 sales. Amazing how well PS3 is doing when it "has no games".

Fanboys miss out.

PSN ID: Lifendz

ruibing3971d ago

If there is such a serious supply issue they should just move some of the unsold inventory from Europe to the US, like what Nintendo does with the Wii and DSL, instead of making price drops.

Panthers3971d ago

Anyone who truly believes the supply issue crap is a true blind fanboy.

TheExecutive3971d ago

i gotta disagree sonarus... i really dont believe there is a supply issue. Why all of a sudden would there be a supply issue especially 3 years into production? If they sold more consoles at xmas the supply issues should have been handled by now. Common sense tells us that its an excuse. I would LOVE anybody to bring figures into this about how much they sold at xmas and why there is still supply issues 3 months after the fact.

You know what? they cant because its simply untrue.

Harry1903971d ago

how bad can those supply issues be.
more like demand issues to me.

deeznuts3971d ago

When you announce the supply issues hours before the NPD report comes out, as a pre-emptive strike, instead of when the supply issues come up, well hell, that just seems suspicious.

Kleptic3971d ago

uh...rubing...they can't do that...the 360 is regionally locked for everything, including games...among other things...

mikeslemonade3971d ago

It is supply constrained. Stop going by hear say. Look at the cold hard facts. I can't buy the 360 pro bundle even if I wanted to on Amazon. Just because it isn't sold out in your red middle american city it's sold out here in the larger cities.

Even if they straighten out the supply issue they wouldn't beat be able to beat PS3 since it's only supply constrained in the U.S. There's different levels of supply constraints and the real word is called "demand". Look it up if you don't know what that is. 360 is in high demand in the U.S. and there's not enough supply to match that. However it isn't supply constrained as the Wii. Having said this the 360 in my book is considered supply constrained just not as much as the Wii.

ReBurn3970d ago

Perhaps you should have checked before you posted, because it is in stock and has a "newest version" tag on the listing.

So perhaps the supply constraint is over?

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PSWe603971d ago

supply issue my a$$, I was at the Best Buy in the San Fernando Valley Saturday and there were approximately 15 or 20 Halo edition 360's and like 10 arcade

Lifendz3971d ago

How is that still around? Wasn't it limited edition? As Seems like it's everywhere. And just yesterday I saw a Halo legendary edition for like only 10 bucks more than the game.

cr33ping_death3971d ago

hey PSWE im in the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY......which best buy you go to......northridge, canoga, sherman oaks,burbank?

Ariexv3971d ago

That's because the Supply issues were more in January.... it's now MID MARCH. Every Bestbuy/Circuit City/Gamestop in town where I live was sold out for weeks at a time in Jan.

sak5003970d ago

Most people are now looking for Elite versions not premiums or arcade.

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jackdoe3971d ago

No reason for them to drop the price now, probably around the time of GTAIV if any.

Ureval3971d ago

With GTA coming out for PS3 too, now may be exactly the right time for a drop. Well, see. Microsoft may wait for the next big PS3 exclusive. MGS i think?

Expy3971d ago

Does anyone actually want an XBOX 360 ARCADE?

jackdoe3971d ago

Not me. You pretty much shoot yourself in the foot if you buy one of those. You need an HDD for practically everything nowadays: demos, BC, some 360 game features(custom soundtracks or replays), dlc, etc.

jiinn3971d ago


"You need an HDD for practically everything"

Except playing video games.

jackdoe3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Sigh. Replays are an important part for video games, Halo 3 for example. DLC extend gameplay. Demos ARE video games. Not to mention you NEED a HDD to enable BC in order to play Xbox GAMES. That is spelled G-A-M-E-S. Sigh. Idiot.

Danja3971d ago

M$ needs to focus on EU cuz the 360 is getting it's a$$ kicked left and right over there

they can hold out a lil longer in the US sales are still fairly strong....

PopEmUp3971d ago

In Europe here, we laugh at 360 a$$ got kicked by ps3

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