The 5 stages of PS3 YLOD grief

From the article, "My PS3 YLOD-ed on me. It died. It’s dead. There’s no reason for it. I mean yes, I bought it used from GameStop at least three years ago. And true, it is one of the 80GB, backwards compatible models that has the lead-free solder that causes the PS3 YLOD condition.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m getting all technical on you. PS3 YLOD refers to the Yellow Light of Death. Think of it as the Sony equivalent of the Xbox 360′s Red Ring of Death. It’s what happens when the lead-free solder used to integrate the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and PCB (motherboard) develops micro-cracks in it from ordinary, everyday use. Lead-free solder is better for the environment, but means your system is probably going to eventually die.

Anyways, mine got it."

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Magnus2064d ago

Its a piece of electrical equipment. No differant than a DVD player or a VCR they die wether they are babied or have the hell beaten out of them. If you look around there is someone always advertising they can fix a console wether its PS3 or a 360. With PS4 being announced a person can buy a brand new 160 gig PS3 slim for $200.