Zero Punctuation: Tomb Raider Review

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Tomb Raider.

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R_aVe_N2037d ago

lmao I do agree with the constant Loragasms she has through the game it gets really annoying.

TuxedoMoon2037d ago

As good as the game was, seeing another opinion does open thins up more. I do agree at some points with his review, especially since Raiding Tombs is treated like a side activity.

R_aVe_N2037d ago

I agree the game really didn't feel like Tomb Raider to me. It did however do a lot of this right, but they could of just slapped another name on it, and I would not have really noticed a difference.

smashcrashbash2037d ago

You can always depend on Yatzee not to sugar coat games and say the truth without worrying about hate from gamers.That is why people hate him so much.He points out things that reviewers refuse to look at for whatever reason whether it is simply bias or fear of backlash from gamers.I especially like the part where he says that Lara's suffering and pain is to be admired while Drake's own is to be laughed at. That is exactly right. People jeer and laugh and joke about Drake while he is being punched and shot and hurt with people saying he deserves it etc. But just laugh or jeer at Lara's less then believable situation and people want to strangle you and cut your throat.'Don't laugh at her she is a strong exceptional woman' Drake however can be scoffed at with on consequence.You don't marvel how Drake can fight tanks and survive train wrecks you roll your eyes. But Lara fighting wolves and beating all odds is 'inspiring' just because Drake decides to laugh it off instead of getting all serious or breaking down.Drake approach to situations reminds me more of Spiderman.Serious when it really counts but humorous in any other situation.

palaeomerus2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I don't think people hate him. I think they just get tired of his schtick, once they see the VERY basic pattern of it, and start to find him boring, trite, predictable, his points a bit weak, strained, and contrived, and the whole experience of watching his reviews a waste of time. His fans seem to rather mindlessly clap at everything his does like seals in a Sea World show. I guess they love the way he just does the same thing over and over again the same way.

smashcrashbash2037d ago

I don't see it that way at all. He make points that are very true and I see exactly what he means even in the games I like that he talks down.I don't see it as a waste of time at all.Like any reviewer you either take the pros and cons to heart or you ignore them. He didn't stop me from buying Uncharted 2 despite him putting it down but I can't deny he had good points about it.I don't get anymore tired of him then I get of any other reviewer.

Blacklash932035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Then agiain, very few people are as critical as Yatzee. He only likes a few very select titles and he's more of a story-focused guy than a guy who sincerely wants to enjoy the actual game. Proritizing story in gaming in the hopes it will be Citizen Kane tier... is for masochists. His reputation and career is built upon not liking things, so what do you expect? That's his gimmick.

Was the game's story Oscar-worthy? Not a chance. Was it servicable and got its point across? Yes. Was the game fun as hell? Absolutely. And for the record, I laughed every time Lara brutally died. I don't care about the serious tone of the game, I enjoy them just like Dead Space.

And I'll end with this. It's fine Drake is a heartless killer with clown smile most of the time. Drake's personality is good and fitting for the game Uncharted is. The franchise is be based off a hollywood, IJ-esque action flick, where the killing and violence is suppoed to be casual for the sake of entertainment. It's not realistic, but the game's not real either. I'll say I got a bit tired of his 2-dimensional personality in Uncharted 3, but the series is pretty much on hiatus now so it's all good. I'll be refreshed and pumped for Uncharted 4 in the future.

InTheLab2037d ago

I actually agree here although I could live without the tiger and dinosaur genocide from the previous Tomb Raider games.

"A survivor is born" flashes at the end of the game and is a main theme for the game but there's no survival gameplay going on. You don't eat the animals you kill and all that's given is a few XP and a few bits of scrap, so it becomes pointless to do anything but ignore the animals.... I also feel like regenerating health is out of place in a game allegedly about survival. Some health packs would have been better.

Also, Lara does become a mass murderer quite easily and shrugs off ******************SPOILER***** *********** falling into a pit of blood and body parts. She also falls and takes a spike in the midsection and doesn't address that issue for at least 6 hours of game later. So every time she gets up limping, I'm like "that little spill cant be worse than taking a spike to the gut and having to pull it out".

Lastly, the Tombs are crap and half aren't even Tombs. Like the one on the boat. I completed 3 Tombs without knowing I was in the actual Tomb, and not the camp fire area before the Tomb.

Constructive criticism aside, TR is still outstanding and one of the best Reboots ever. Can't wait for the next game. Hopefully they'll shore up these holes and give us back dual wielding...

araman2037d ago

That final line was goddamn money.

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