IGN's Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky impressions and videos

BioWare released the first round of downloadable content for Mass Effect today, so IGN hopped in the Normandy to check out the newest edition to the galaxy, a nondescript hunk of rock called Asteroid X57 that's chock full of meddlesome Batarians. IGN heard about the alien race as they played through Mass Effect the first time, but the vaguely humanoid species never made a physical appearance in the game. After downloading the 400 MS points (US$5) Bring Down the Sky content, however, IGN quickly came face-to-face with the four-eyed Batarians.

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Method3969d ago

Uncharted? More like Unwanted, enjoy your 7 hour tomb raider clone.


Mass Effect owns Unfarted so f*cking hard, it's not even funny anymore. It's just sad.

Dashmoney1013969d ago

its worth the 400 pionts, i enjoyed the mission

mariusmal3969d ago

i think that the mission was short but fun. it's worth the 400 ms. you even have 2 diferent ways to complete it :P

Ureval3969d ago

A 90 minute addition seems a bit pointless, but 400 points aint bad.

wow4u3969d ago

Mass Effect, the Best RPG in the last 4 years.

Andronix3969d ago

Does anyone know if there is a list of achievements for it?
And also has anyone played it?

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