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D3 updated the official Oneechanbara VorteX web site with these new images.

OC_MurphysLaw6349d ago

I think I would rather play DOA Xtreme 2 than this game. After all...this is just about gawkin at rendered chicks. Hopefully in time this will show more promise for me but for now..too many other games I want to even consider this one.

power of Green 6349d ago

I'v had an eye on this one for a while, nothing like half naked japanese chicks kicking ass as long as they don't look Anime.(Big round head with a V mouth with Super big round eyes). Heavenly Sword was the only game of this type that looked good gameplay wise, so Oneechanbara VorteX makes me very happy.

beans6349d ago

Here is the game in motion if u haven't seen it! http://www.youtube.com/watc...

dantesparda6349d ago (Edited 6349d ago )

Nice! I think it looks good, cuz it looks old school to me, and has that japanese style to it, that I havent really seen or felt in a long time on an MS machine

Mikey_Gee6349d ago (Edited 6349d ago )

I am 33 and married with a beautiful wife ... maybe that appeals to the 10 year old, but I like the DARK look of it.
Same reason I love the blood and guts play of "Dead Rising" It is kind of funny now all the overseas games have 95% naked women either
Really makes you think

And actually, now that I have seen the vid ... I am kind of turned off of it.

OC_MurphysLaw6349d ago

I agree...its not all about the girls. The game certainly seems to offer up more than what DOA X2 is, but at the end of the day its hard look past the girls outfit and not feel its a cheap attempt to get "males" to respond to it.

I don't really plan on getting either of the above mentioned games. Unless they show me more gameplay wise and/or graphical prowess to make me go "wow". Btw, I love Dead Rising and think it is a fantastically fun game. This could turn out to be such a game, but at the moment it just doesn't strike me that way.

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PS360WII5492d ago

Do you really need a guide to tell you to hit the attack button until there are no more enemies around then move forward?


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PoisonousPoison5519d ago

Why'd they change the title to ONEchanbara?! >.< It's ONEEchanbara for a reason!