Rock Band DLC for Week of 3/11 Announced

The Rock Band DLC for the week of March 11 has been announced on the official Rock Band forums.

All songs are $.99 (80 Microsoft Points).

"Shockwave" by Black Tide (Master)

"Crushcrushcrush" by Paramore (Master)

"Beethoven's C***" by Serj Tankian (Master)

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btkadams3964d ago

hmm... i havent really liked any of the dlc on rock band for the past few weeks cept dr love. these are the sogns i want

the future freaks me out - motion city soundtrack
everything's alright - motion city soundtrack
this aint a scene, its an arms race - fall out boy
of all the gin joints - fall out boy
all these things that ive done - the killers
mr brightside - the killers

reply if u have a list too! dont disagree because we have different tastes lol

Torch3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago ) that too much to ask??? ;)

the torrid zone3964d ago

Wish it was SOAD instead of just Serj but I'll take what I can get. Had never heard of Black Tide before but Im definately getting it. The singer/guitarist is only 15!

harv0523964d ago

I would like to see something a lot harder....Slayer, System of a Down, a bit of Slipknot, etc....More metal...

A song I would kill to have on there in "No Transitory" by Alexisonfire...

dexterwang3964d ago

I wish they would release a couple more songs like that from the Oasis... not that I don`t enjoy heavier rock, just wished there were more songs I could sing along to :P Can`t lower my voice to follow most of their fast and furious rock songs

ChuGNutS3963d ago

A bloody UK release date?????!!!!!?????

Cant be that hard surely...... no email replies from customer service either. WHY THE DELAY???