GameSpot: Starcraft II Hands-On - Zerg Rush!

GameSpot writes:
"IRVINE, Calif.--Blizzard ended months of Starcraft II silence at its headquarters today. We hadn't gotten the slightest morsel of new info on the famed developer's rabidly anticipated strategy sequel since BlizzCon in August of 2007, but now we've finally gotten our hands on the new and improved zerg, the third and last of Starcraft II's factions to be revealed to the press. After sliming our way through numerous multiplayer games with the zerg, we can say that our previous experience with the terran and protoss factions in Starcraft II still holds. Everything old here is new again--which is to say the zerg feel startlingly similar to their counterparts in the first game--but when you're building on arguably the best strategy game ever made, that's really not such a bad thing."

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VigorousApathy3964d ago

So the Zerg get a powerful Queen and they can only have one. Well that will show all those guys who insisted there wouldn't be anything like a Protoss mothership. Do I win anything for being right? No.

Anyway, I hope the Terran get a super powerful unit too. Something that can be customized, like a mech... or whatever. And I hope the Queen can get more powerful as your development progresses, like it's evolving as you play - I'm sorry I mean intelligently designing itself as you play.