EA on increasing gun violence: 'It's not about games. There is a perception issue.'

GameZone writes, "Electronic Arts, like most involved in the gaming industry, don't feel there is any correlation between violent video games and the increased gun violence happening in America. During the company's Q3 2013 financial results, EA CEO John Riccitiello squashed the notion that recent events, like the Aurora shooting or Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, resulted in any "softness around first-person shooters or more mature-rated games.""

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KrisButtar2036d ago

EA has done something good! Hell must have froze over

Mounce2035d ago

EA does good things....people generally blanket over the good because they focus more on the negative.

Like, EA has a pretty strong Pro-Equality for sexuality-difference in their employees. They're strong supporters for the LGBT community.

TooTall192035d ago

Meanwhile Activision gets away with mandatory online single-player and selling Skylanders at ridiculous prices.

Mounce2035d ago

@TooTall19 - Pretty much. I try to view everything with a certain level of cognitive dissonance. An equality of what people or entities do good and bad and balance it.

When's the last time Activision did Any good at the very least? EA gets the most heat because they do the most of anything to get themselves attention both good and bad, decisions and marketing and strategies....Activision? They do the same thing so they're never in the spotlight except for an Annual-bashing of the newest COD or Tony Hawk fuckup or shitty Movie-to-game port cash-in.

Hicken2035d ago

Does it necessarily outweigh the negatives? That's the question that needs asking.

SilentNegotiator2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

"Increasing gun violence"? Is that what MSNBC told you?
Gun HOMICIDES are up, not gun VIOLENCE. And guess what makes up a large part of that...suicides.

In fact, violent crime has been on a steady decrease in general.
People sure love to over-react to sudden tragedies while things were worse before. So long as it's just a couple more individual instances than the big, sudden tragedies, you can ignore them and feel better about it, right?

Oh America (and the world)...when will you stop eating what the partisan media feeds you?

USMC_POLICE2035d ago

Its kids perception and how parents raise their kids. When GTA 3 came out on PS2 I was 12 and not allowed to play it. At 13 I got a copy from a friend and played when my mother slept. I killed people jacked cars and uses hookers to gain health. However I knew it was a game and not real and my mother did not use games as a babysitter like parents today do. Now I'm a police officer and love my job and guess what I still play GTA today unaffected by the violence of the game as a child because I knew right from wrong and I had GOOD parenting.

Zha1tan2035d ago

The issue is an extreme lack of attention to the state of some peoples mental health.

America is still in the dark ages regarding mental health and when people snap the government/media look for something else to blame to cover their own incompetence.

N0S3LFESTEEM2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I don't think violence in video games amounts to much... I do however feel that it should have some sort of a cut-off point. I think a game with the kind of violence that was in Solider of Fortune 2 would be to much with next gen graphics... I would totally tolerate it due to the accuracy but I feel it would desensitize you to the real outcome of blowing someones head off. I think Max Payne 3 has the best balance without going overboard.