American McGee Butchers Children - "Grimm to feature burning babies, mangled kids"

Gameplayer are reporting that rogue developer American McGee will be taking gaming into controversial new territory with his next effort, Grimm.

"New episodic game Grimm to feature burning babies, mangled kids."

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JoelR3967d ago

Fairy Tales are not meant for the faint of heart no matter what Disney has mesmerized people into believing. Most fairy tales are tragic.

Points at things like the "little Mermaid" as a prime example of Disnefication of fairy tales with lessons that have been lost.

Ghoul3967d ago

not only tragic but utterly brutal, even the brothers grim toned the brutality down a lil, if you have read some of the older fairytales especially the nordic ones (im still shivering about some of the troll fairy tales from my grandma -norwegian-)

JoelR3966d ago

Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm