Who Should Play KRATOS in God of War Movie?

After much hype, rumor and speculation God of War movie has been officially confirmed. Universal Studios has handed over the task of writing a brand new script for God of War movie to none other than SAW series scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The duo has written Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D.

Well that is all we know right now about the movie. No details yet as to who will play the role of our beloved KRATOS in the movie. No doubt Kratos should be played by a right sort of actor in order to live up to the expectation of huge fan base.

So here is our list of SIX STARS that we would love to see as KRATOS in God of War movie:

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black9112040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I'm more worried about who will direct the Film.

My Pick For Director: Tim Burton

aCasualGamer2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

1. Djimon Hounsou

2. Nathan Jones

3. Jason Momoa

Interms of acting, i would choose Djimon from these three actors. Interms of pure characteristic fit i would go for Nathan Jones. Interms of rage i would go for Jason Momoa.

Either way i would go see the movie.

SnakeCQC2040d ago

i second him if they got the original guy to voice over

badz1492040d ago

and he is...BRUCE WILLIS! looking at how Die Hard movies keep going on and on and how allergic he is to DYING, kinda resemble Kratos! so vote goes to Bruce Willis!

SnakeCQC2040d ago

no then the movie will have cars killing helis and explosions(in genereal stuff not found in that time period)

Raiz2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Goldberg is Kratos, look at him, the face, the voice, the built, his built. open your eyes, infact google golgberg and kratos and see

AnotherProGamer2040d ago

the guy in the GOW:A commercial

r212040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

If the guy's voice is as good as Kratos's and he can act like Kratos then sure. I know movies need star power so let some other famous mainstream actor act as a villain or ally. I dont think any mainstream 'star' can be Kratos.

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The story is too old to be commented.