Crystal Dynamics Talks About Lara Croft's Transition From Survivor To Killer

WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot has been met with plenty of praise and love, yet one of the things most often cited in the various reviews by gamers is Lara's first kill, and how quickly she transforms from a blubbering wreck to a steely eyed killer who nearly wiped out the entire population of Yamatai by time the game's end rolls around."

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joab7772039d ago

Mayne she was trained earlier in life but not against real people. Then she has an encounter in which one of her friends has a gun to their head and she realizes that she must kill to protect everyone and get them off the island. Then the assualt scene.

Thatguy-3102039d ago

Think they could have handled it a lot better. If I compare it to how Far Cry 3 did it I would say that it just doesn't stack up. In Far Cry 3 I actually felt how Jason got stronger emotionally/physically as the game progressed. Plus the whole skill system was kind of pointless too. I only wasted 6 skill points throughout the whole game.

himdeel2038d ago

Can I troll this thread with a request for a new Willy Beamish game?!

-MD-2039d ago

She was a born killer. 7 hours after picking up her first gun and she killed 300+ people.

nofallouthero2039d ago

i felt it was a bit quick maybe if they staggered the killing a bit more it would be more believable.

gamer78042039d ago

Lara was and shouldn't be so focused on killing, she was an adventurer first, this new game is a shadow of its former self. Very disappointed.

rocky0475862039d ago

Uh what? Some of the opening scenes of Tomb Raider 1 is of her killing. She's always been a killer, and it got progressively worse as time went on and more and more games showed up each year up until 2003.

gamer78042036d ago

There is a difference between being a killer and "so focused on killing" i.e. experience for killing to give you rewards to make you a better killer. When the Tomb raiding and puzzles takes a backseat to those, the formula has been reversed, it's a shame.

rocky0475862036d ago

Dude, the focus on puzzles and exploration stopped after TR1. Yes there is a focus on more action in this game but that doesn't mean that in the past games she did more exploration/puzzles than killing, it was an equal amount of killing in there as well. Maybe you don't remember? There was hardly any "Tomb Raiding" in the games after the first one, not to the extent of how people are trying to be all dramatic about anyway.

The puzzles became jokes after a while too; they weren't even puzzles anymore they were just rube goldberg machines that you'd have to find and flip a few levers for and just watch everything take place and were totally unrealistic. At least the puzzles that were present in this game actually made sense and were environmental based.

All they have to do is make the puzzles bigger for the next game and make sure to give us time to explore for ancient artifacts like they did in this game, you can take HOURS exploring extra stuff in this game if you really wanted to and you didn't always have to get into firefights with people as you could avoid them on most occasions.

gamer78042035d ago

I've played every single tombraider. Did you play TR Underworld? The latest game had far more adventuring and tombraiding than killing. TR anniversary remake had the oppossite ratio than the latest also. TR legend even had a this ratio although not quite to the extent of underworld an anniversary.

The puzzles are optional in the newest one. Formula has been reversed.

rocky0475862034d ago

I have played every single TR as well. I loved Underworld but please, it wasn't the greatest TR game ever made that's for sure. The formula may very well have been reversed, who denied that? But formulas HAVE to be fucked with otherwise it becomes stale and no one wants to really play the exact same game over and over and over and over again.

Maybe you do, and that's fine because you can always go back and play those older games again, but that doesn't mean that everyone wants to. I love the exploration aspect of Tomb Raider and guess what? That's still there. The pacing of the killing and whatnot is GREAT throughout 90% of the game, it's only the last 10% of the game where the killing gets intense. But guess what else does?

The platforming and the natural environmental puzzles as well. The more you get into the game the more these things stand out, at least to me anyway. Back to exploring a bit; There's times where you spend much more time exploring in this game than going on some linear killing spree. There's times where you want to collect things just to hear Lara's expertise on everything that she finds.

Going back to puzzles. The more you get in depth with the game the more you realize that the puzzles are there in the environment. Especially towards the ending. Yes I want the puzzles to be bigger and better than this game just as much as you do, but they were giving us what Lara Croft was all about before all of that. So I can understand why they didn't focus on that all that much.

The massive killing doesn't make this any less of a Tomb Raider game; people act like she rarely killed. This is just a lot more killing than she usually does in one game but, in all 9 games before this one, she's probably killed more people in the last 17 years than she did in this one game that's for sure.

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