New Blue Dragon Screens

The official Blue Dragon website has been updated as today with some new screens, an interview of Uematsu and the TGS trailer subtitled in english.

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Retard5894d ago

So that's there plan to bring in the Asian interest... Personally it looks kinda lame to me. Dragon Quest VIII was great though.

Bhai5893d ago

Well, I won't call it totally lame but you know, its so cartoony and casual...much better stuff than this is aplenty on PS2, with Grandia III, Radiata Stories, now Valkyrie Profile and the upcoming Seiken Densetsu IV...all are beyond this one, and to mention FF-XII and Rogue galaxy is to mention RPG industry standards !

So while the effort is there, and the right folks have been found to deliver it, the impact would clearly be futile as there is just no back-up for this other than Lost Odyssey. A certain dent has been visible in MS's this RPG move with the now revealing of mighty White Knight Story RPG title by Sony.

ElementX5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

I dunno. I was never a huge fan of Japanese style RPGs. Sure I played FF 7-9 on PS, but I never finished them. I've never owned a PS2, so I missed out on all the RPGs available. My roommate owns one and so I bought Dragon Quest VIII, because it looked fun and I am surprised how good it is. I am interested in Blue Dragon, but I'll have to read a bit more about it.

FeralPhoenix5892d ago

Sorry I accidentally voted lame....Well I'm not really a big RPG fan, but as far as RPG's go this game looks amazing, yeah its very "cartoony" but remember its suppose to appeal more to Japanese gamers and it was a "big" hit at TGS....and just judging from these trailers it looks fun to me, so for those looking for more classic Japanese RPG's on the 360 I think they will love this game.