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"The exciting battles, interesting growth system, great visuals, and entertaining characters make Valkyria Chronicles 3 a fantastic handheld strategy RPG. Fighting battles and upgrading with these systems doesn’t get tired. Its battlefields are a bit small, and the recycled assets might annoy some veterans of the second game, but these are minor quibbles standing against an overall great package. It’s a damn shame this never came out in English." -PSLS
A note for players: Vita multiplayer works with PSP.

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TrendyGamers3009d ago

Nice review, especially the importer FAQ at the end.

knifefight3009d ago

Hoping they go to PS4 for a new Valkyria!

STK0263009d ago

I highly doubt we'll get another console VC. The game plays well enough on the PSP, and I suspect Sega will be looking at making one on either the Vita or the 3DS, as portable gaming is more popular in Japan than console gaming, that's if they even make another. In addition to that, I don't think we'll have an English version any time soon, as Sega seems convinced that VC just won't sell enough outside of Japan for it to be worth the localization costs.

rainslacker3009d ago

It makes me wonder why they wouldn't let a 3rd party publish the game. I'm sure Atlus or NISA would love to pick them up...or at least they would have at the time of their release. PSP support is going away now outside of some remaining digital titles.

I think VC1 didn't sell well outside of Japan because it came early in the PS3's life cycle. It was new and different and very Japanese, and that probably turned off a lot of the FPS crowd. The game was one of the best this gen though, and was praised highly among reviewers and gamers. I personally thought it was a great way to do strategy RPG on a console given the controller kind of sucks for traditional style SRPG.

LOGICWINS3009d ago

Not a chance. VC2 didn't even make it for the PS3. That franchise sells like garbage outside of Japan. Portables are your best bet. Due to the lower development costs ull see a ton of JRPGs on the 3DS/Vita/PSP as opposed to consoles. Less risky for publishers.

knifefight3009d ago

The verb I used was "hoping," not "expecting." They mean different things ;)

LOGICWINS3009d ago

My argument still stands :)

Wedge193009d ago

Interesting that Sony is still supporting the PSP. They like to have their systems live for a very long time.

ninjahunter3009d ago

I dont think sony is actively supporting the PSP anymore.

Your comment strikes me as a misconception that this game came out recently. The game came out in early 2011.

dbjj120883009d ago

I really wish this came out in the states, because I don't think I'll import.

frjoethesecond3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )


For all clamouring for an English release.

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