Kojima gives some details on his GDC presentation

As many Metal Gear fans already know, next week, March 27, Hideo Kojima and a few other members of his studio will head to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to hold a presentation. The studio is now hard at work on the preparations, and Kojima provided some scarce details.

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SuperKiing2091d ago

Hopefully we will get a release date for Mgs: Ground Zeroes.

abzdine2091d ago

hopefully a next gen MGS could be teased

pecorre2091d ago

I really hope he will announce a PS4 version.

Donnieboi2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

I also want to see the progress made for mgo 3, if any was made at all.

CaptainN2091d ago

Wii-U versions of some Metal Gears would be nice !

Donnieboi2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Lol, Konami's not in this business just so they can lose money. Most Wii U owners already have a ps3/360, so they can get it on those. But not many people have a wii u only.

Money...Wii U games don't produce it.

BullyMangler2091d ago

how do you know MOST wiiU owners? coool!

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