So are Gearbox working on something for the Vita?

In September Randy Pitchford (Gearbox), Adam Boyes (SCEA) and Shuhei Yoshida (SWWS) took to Twitter and appeared to suggest something. Six months on we have heard nothing. Was it a hoax?

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ShugaCane2041d ago

I guess Colonial Marines' disater had some internal consequences, even though Borderlands would definately be a cool addition to the Vita's game library.

Sweelix2041d ago

hopefully it's aliens Colonial Marines

vitullo312040d ago

i was going to say that! haha you have some disagrees but im going to guess that was sarcasm

stuntman_mike2040d ago

The vita version will probably be the demo Randy Pitchford showed with the better graphics and lighting lol.

r212041d ago

Just give me BL2 on vita and all will be forgiven. That or new BL title built entirely for the vita.

SonyPS42041d ago

A Borderlands game on PSVita would be a dream come true for me, being a die-hard fan of this franchise.

fOrlOnhOpe572041d ago

@ SonyPS4
Same here. I really got my hopes up for a BL2 port to Vita - and still have - but my biggest concern is raising the levelcap. Gearbox hinted they were having problems and it could possibly be a game-breaker.
Supposedly by the end of Q1. First sort that out then give us a Vita port.

Merrill2041d ago

I heard it's being outsourced.

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The story is too old to be commented.