RadarPlays: Need For Speed - Most Wanted WiiU

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jcnba282039d ago

Can't wait to play this bad boy.

lilbroRx2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

While the Wii U version is definitely the best console version, Most Wanter still fails in comparison to Hot Pursuit and the other games.

The overall opinion I've seen is that this game is a low quality version of Burnout Paradise. It plays the same only less fun and less to do overall.

Of course, if this your thing then go for it. I will be holding out for Project Cars and that other racing game the Wii U is suppose to get. I'm not keen on supporting EA either. They don't deserve any money from Wii U owners.

herbs2039d ago

EA doesn't deserve your money however Criterion does for actually putting effort into making this port something special. Also I'm not to keen on how a simulation racing experience is going to play out on Wii U with its lack of analog triggers.

PopRocks3592039d ago


Need For Speed is like Burnout, you really don't need to ease the gas or the break; you're either jamming one button or jamming the other. A game like Gran Turismo probably would not work with those kinds of triggers, for sure.

I'd like to try this game because it's one of the few ports from a developer who actually put in some genuine effort to not only make it work right, but took advantage of the hardware and made it look better.

Nevers0ft2039d ago

I see what you're saying but there's nothing wrong with a game being like Burnout - Burnout was awesome :)

PopRocks3592039d ago


Was that in response to me? Don't get me wrong, I love the Burnout games. Revenge is one of my favorite racing games of all time. Knowing Criterion made this and that they gave it the extra effort makes me rather enthusiastic.

herbs2039d ago

What Poprocks? Learn to read or reread a post a couple times before you reply to it. You just repeated everything I said like you were correcting me are you Dyslexic. I shouldnt waste my time explaining to you how to comprehend statements but reread the post above mine that I was replying to then reread my post then reread your post...

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Starfox-172039d ago

Looks good to me although this video is recorded low quality ive seen the game and it's a day1 for me.

MasterCornholio2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Im not a huge fan of Need for Speed but i cant wait to see the next Burnout from them.

Im glad that Wii U owners got a nice port of this game.

Now prove EA (they said that Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games) wrong and buy this game to support the developers.

Starbucks_Fan2039d ago


Not sure if it's still going on but I got it for that price. Can't wait to play it!

thezeldadoth2039d ago

yeah it is going on, how weird. 29.99 for the wii u version, definite buy.