Next-Generation Features Showcased At GTC2013

DSOGaming writes: "During this year's GTC2013, Nvidia showcased some truly amazing features that might be coming to the next-generation titles. Among to those features were some stunning ocean simulation physics and FaceWorks, a technique that has been used to render and animate a human head with incredible image fidelity."


Update: Better source, didn't know Nvidia had uploaded the presentation

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Derekvinyard132041d ago

That boat demo looks beautiful

ATi_Elite2041d ago

1. Now you see why Nvidia didn't wanna waste time making console GPU's. They have partnered with USC to make Next Gen computer animation graphics which will lead them to Hollywood and BIG MONEY!!

2. The PS4 GPU is rated at 1.84 Tflops.
That facial animation sequence requires 2.00 Tflops just to do.

You have just witness TRUE NEXT GEN!!!!

PC is all about BLEEDING EDGE TECHNOLOGY Today not maybe next console cycle.

fr0sty2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

And the console is about having close enough to approximate what the PC owner paid three to four times as much for to satisfy those who only care to drop $400 on their video game systems, and who don't care to have a massive, noisy, power hungry PC hooked up to their living room TV.

Enjoy your tower of gaming power... I'll stick to my console.

Also, enjoy the tiny handful of games that actually pushes your super expensive GPU that hard which release from the time that tech is available until the time a console comes out that matches it... I'll enjoy the constant stream of first party exclusives.

sobekflakmonkey2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

yeah, but I'd love to see this working with AI and a buttload of characters models who have paths and animations, this would not run on anything, this is just some bs tech demo, all of this has just been tech demo's, and you gotta think, how much money is in the computer that's running this? just to run these tech demo's that are essentially lifeless? if you think this means that you're going to be playing games that look like that anytime are an idiot.

Also, just listening to that guy talk made me angry, he was talking about shit that's completely useless, "Oh this is running on the titan" do you know how much that fuckn thing costs? not to mention you would probably need 3 of them sli'd just to run the first and last tech demo efficiently.

ps3_pwns2041d ago

And consoles are about The GAMES!! So i will be playing gta 5 and red dead redemption console xclusives and you will be playing sim city.

M-M2041d ago

@ATi_Elite You just couldn't keep your mouth shut.

NateCole2041d ago

Seriously man. You are making all of us look bad.

ATi_Elite2041d ago

ATi_Elite states facts then the fanboys can't hit the disagree button fast enough.

All i did was mention that you are seeing what is truly next Gen. those with Gaming PC's soon have this to look forward to.

Why people brought up stupid console stuff is beyond me. I never ask about the PS4 price or it's games, it's exclusives, or playing in the living room.

also don't talk about GTAV or RDR cause I can run those on my PS3 Emulator. So PLEASE don't bring that up with me cause I literally hurt my stomach laughing cause i can play everything u can and MORE.

and whoever mentioned Sim City....It sold 1.1 million it's first week with EA getting EVERY PENNY cause it was a Origin Exclusive.

1.1m x $60 = $66m in EA's pocket. Not bad for one week!!! I'm sure Sim City couldn't have costed no more than $10m - $20m to make.

M-M2041d ago

@ATi_Elite "ATi_Elite states facts then the fanboys can't hit the disagree button fast enough. " It doesn't matter whether or not your facts are real, it's people like you who make PC gamers look bad. There was absolutely no point in bringing consoles into an article primarily focused on PCs.

THEDON82z12040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I never comment directly to pc fanboys, but you would be a dame fool to think you could get this quality with AI,1080P RES,60 FRPS, AND GAME LOGIC IN GENERAL running at the same time. This is just A tech demo when you can take ALL resources at hand and pump it into visuals. I believe that with PS4 3rdGEN TITLES we diffinatly will get close to this.Pc will however get close to this to but only after TITAN GPU power becomes standard.

FamilyGuy2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

The eyes on the PS4 tech demo the Heavy Rain guy showed looked better, these ones were all glossy and super plastic. Even the facial animations of the mouth still looked worse in comparison. He talked about Beowolf's Angelina Jolee creey realism and then showed something that looked creep yet unrealistic. The only thing that good great was the skin texture and skin textures have looked great on pc games for years already.

This was a failure, all the hype and the jump wasn't significant at all.

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Pandamobile2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Good God. Now THAT is a next generation face.

Letros2041d ago

That is unreal, gotta love state-of-the art technology

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2041d ago

hope games start to really take advantage of this technology, instead of catering only to consoles

DaThreats2041d ago

lol, running on Titan, gna be a while till everyone has that

Pandamobile2041d ago

Yeah, it's a shame that probably won't see stuff on this level in games until the next-next-generation of consoles

Kur02041d ago

its running on a Titan and using half of if its teraflops which means there is no way a full game would run off the Titan using that face tech and the Titan alone is $1000.

Black_McGrath2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Didn't L.A Noire use a similar facial technology?

Pandamobile2041d ago

Similar, but no where near as high fidelity as this.

Black_McGrath2041d ago

Yeah it's clearly not on the same level, but it's good to see that this could become the standard if a few years. I know they've been working on this for 20 years I think they mentioned in the video.
I just find it cool to see Rockstar was experimenting with it and a lot of reviews and critics were saying the game was stiff but the emotions you get from the actors were incredible. I'm just thinking what if there was something like this to scan full body scenes where will they go from here

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2040d ago

yes but with capturing face expressions. This is a gpu simulation.

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