'No magic in Fallout 3,' says executive producer Todd Howard

GamePro hit up Bethesda Softworks to talk with Fallout 3 executive producer Todd Howard for a quick update on weapons, Perks, and the massive post-apocalyptic world.

GamePro: What's one particular detail of the game that Bethesda is particularly proud of?

Todd Howard: Right now we've got a lot of the world built and we're excited by how fun it is to explore. I admit we were worried about such a grand world that is completely destroyed and it feeling morbidly depressing and empty. We have a ways to go yet, but it's looking good and there's a lot of sandbox gameplay to discover.

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Charlie26883965d ago

Magic?...MAGIC!!! WTF! Why the F would there be magic in the first place?!

this kind of stuff is what makes me angry >.<

now I am gonna call MK_Red and start punching (random) people XD

MK_Red3962d ago

I'm with you. Let's start the slaughter!

But seriously, why the heck would he even say this. Disturbing...

Douche3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Is it just me or was this interview a tad unsettling? Although Fallout is a franchise of its own and has been way before Oblivion, he just keeps comparing them. Of course they are already similar in their respect to sandbox gameplay and role playing, but he even goes on to comparing them combat-wise. He kinda made it sound like Fallout 3 would be just Oblivion with guns and without the magic. And that the action in the game would be "no more, no less" than Oblivion. Idk, it just struck me weirdly is all I guess. I guess I'm just hoping they make Fallout 3 a game of its own and not just a modified Oblivion experience.

Charlie26883965d ago

I can pretty much guarantee you Bethesda will butcher the Fallout franchise to no end and turn it into another "Oblivion" (if you have played previous TES this is NOT good)

I mean as of right now Perks and Traits are pretty much pointless since they eliminated turn based controlled shotting for twitch play -_-