Tomb Raider was Built on the Xbox 360 and Ported to PS3/PC, Sequel Direction Teased by Devs, More

Much like how the Phil Fish AMA on Reddit yesterday told us that they were in talks with Sony about a PlayStation version of Fez, the Tomb Raider AMA with Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director, and Noah Hughes, Creative Director, gave us some more interesting news.

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TrendyGamers4108d ago

I can't wait to see what they do with the next one.

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MYSTERIO3604107d ago

Really? Thats quite surprising considering that the PS3 version looks a bit better. Not that it matters to me or anything.


Ju4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Must have been well designed, then. I also think PS3 outperforms 360 (by a little). At the same time, PC version has HairFx which the consoles doesn't have.

knowyourstuff4107d ago

I know right. PS3 had way higher resolution textures according to every website that ever compared them.

Also, if they really want people to take Lara Croft seriously, which it appears they do, they can't expect anyone with an IQ above 60 to think that a skinny little chick who looks like she can't lift 10 pounds can pull off the unbelievable athletic feats in Tomb Raider. It just looks ridiculous. She needs at least SOME muscle definition if you expect me to believe she can do the things you claim she can do. I mean come on!

CryofSilence4107d ago

1:05 on your video proves your point. It's interesting that the lead seemingly isn't as good as the ports.

dbjj120884108d ago

Well, that explains why the PS3 reviews took so long.

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jc485734108d ago

didn't the PS3 version come out as superior according to Face-off?

jakmckratos4108d ago

It is selling better on PS3 too

Skips4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )


They probably spent more time tweaking and pushing for the PS3 version. Polishing it and whatnot. If they saw they could push it even farther on the PS3 than why not?


Guess that exclusive DLC didn't help. lol

SonyPS3604107d ago

They must have left out the PC version then, because it is easily the best looking.

jc485734106d ago

i think they did, but felt it was rather unfair to compare console to PC.