IGN- Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Review

IGN:Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 isn’t bereft of good ideas or mechanics, it’s just that they’re all trapped in a short series of levels that rarely give you anything all that interesting to do with them. Combine that with some graphical glitches and the slow and ultimately forgettable multiplayer, and you have a mediocre game that all but the hardest of the hardcore sniper-wannabes should pass on.

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xc7x2091d ago

Sounds as though reviewer wasn't very good at multiplayer ("and I died many times without ever having a chance to retaliate") and maybe why the review was as low as it was?

Derekvinyard132091d ago

the multiplayer looks like it could have some tense moments but overall with a bad story and level design it really becomes annoying and feels like an afterthought, shame i liked the first one, this one isnt as good but i would say rent it, it has a nice atmosphere and stealth is fun.

TheDude792091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

No...this games multiplayer truly does suck. 2 maps, 1 mode, and it plays on the easy settings (shot indicator always on), with no ability to change it. Sorry, but if the online uses the easy settings, then there is zero skill involved. I'm really surprised it got a 5. As soon as I beat this dumpster fire of a game on Elite, I'm going destroy this disc (not trade it in)...simply because no one else should ever have to endure this crap again!

xc7x2086d ago

then this review contradicts with your opinion,if the multiplayer is easy,why then did the reviewer die so easily? i think someone isn't being honest here [you or reviewer or both of you]