European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending March 8th, 2008

VGChartz reports that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending March 8th, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

Total Hardware:

DSL: 131,031 (173,348)
PS3: 75,246 (75,390)
Wii: 73,622 (92,338)
PSP: 45,212 (44,405)
360: 44,662 (47,735)
PS2: 38,738 (41,311)

UK Total:

DSL: 25,945 (48,222)
Wii: 21,750 (28,150)
PS3: 21,158 (20,125)
360: 18,556 (20,186)
PSP: 6,971 (7,558)
PS2: 6,378 (6,778)

France Total:

DSL: 25,079 (29,149)
Wii: 18,875 (26,698)
PS3: 11,192 (11,455)
PSP: 6,477 (6,103)
PS2: 3,943 (4,161)
360: 2,683 (2,732)

Spain Total:

PS3: 14,887 (15,106)
DSL: 10,797 (13,016)
Wii: 7,714 (8,304)
PSP: 6,218 (6,626)
PS2: 5,906 (6,333)
360: 1,478 (1,601)

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ruibing3969d ago

I see why the 360 needed that price drop. I guess its time for the PS2 to get one as well.

Lucreto3969d ago

It did need it the PS3 outsold the 360 in Europe since the price cut in October.

Iamback3969d ago


What are you talking about? Since October? PS3 has been outselling 360 since day one of its release in Europe, pay attention fanboys i said EUROPE. Check numbers if you dont believe or not wish to believe

Lucreto3969d ago

It was irregular before that time. It would win one week and lose another. The gap has widened since the price cut from a thousand to ten thousand difference.

doodle3969d ago

when GT5 is launched in EUROPE

X360 is DEAD AS A DO DO in europe

even at half price no one buys that CRAP BOX 3 FIX ME

doodle3969d ago

BUT its VGCRAP u know

they always inflate X360's numbers

PS3 might have sold X360 3:1 last week in europe

You will never find x360 anywhere in EU except some parts of UK. even in UK ps3 is outselling x360.

DEAD BOX 3 FIX ME is simply DEAD like A DO DO. price cut wont revive a DEAD BOX 3 FIX ME

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sonarus3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Don't know about if wii has supply issues in UK but ps3 outselling wii in Europe is a damn good achievement. Now lets see what the price cut can do for the xbox 360 next week. By the way yes i do know vg chartz is fake and not accurate but it is the best estimate we have.

haha by the way what is this "other" territory and why does the 360 always outsell ps3 in "other"

cloud360-7th_account3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I heard in tajikistan 17 people on average buy a ps3 a wekk. wer as only 7 people buy an xbox

thats why ps3 always outsells in other section

This is VG chartz you cant trust them

they have less than zero credibility

hey look i pulled a number out of my ass, am about to submit it to VG chartz....i think PS3 Sold more

Time Lord3969d ago

its because of 'supply issues'?

PSWe603969d ago

I noticed that too. PS3 can't win, if it does it's because of stock shortages...people are dellusional.
I can see why Sony is in trouble with the 360 price cut...yeah Sony got pwnd(sarcasm)
This price cut was a desparate move by M$. And these numbers prove that.

TheExecutive3969d ago

the price cut is MS attempt to stay competitive in Europe, there was never any doubt. If anything its a sign that the tide is turning.

sonarus3969d ago

Even with a 360 price cut, i seriously doubt Xbox360's ability to outsell the ps3 in Europe. They are still pretty much tied in the UK which is a shame to the playstation brand name imo so they will outsell the ps3 by about 10,000 units here however in other territories i don't expect much to change. Sony has been rumored to be introducing a new sku and bringing down the price as well if this happens, its curtains for 360...Curtains. However i think it will be smart for ps3 to position the price cut either the week GTA4 releases. PS3 will be looking to benefit from sales of GT5, GTA4, Haze and MGS4 between April to June. Those are 4 games that should will sell well. Considering haze will probably be the biggest shooter relesed this yr so far depending on how well rainbow six does i expect it to sell moderately well enough to at least join the momentum of GT5, GTA4 and MGS4.

IzKyD13313969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

i completely agree, why cant analysts and people in general just for once say "The PS3 outsold it's competition" instead of saying "The Ps3 lucked out, the other consoles had shortages, but they'll be at the top again don't worry"

Maddens Raiders3969d ago

things are looking really good for the PS3. What amazes me is the constant selling in spite of not having the proverbial "system sellers" out yet. Incredible indeed.

sonarus3969d ago

Thats just the thing madden raiders. Now imagine this scenario GT5P march 23rd, GTA4 April 23rd, Haze late may, MGS4 June 12. Those are 4 hot games in a span of two months. Ensuring ps3 gamers have something to play all the time. Those sales will only go up for ps3. Price cut will give 360 a boost but for how long and especially if ps3 counters with another price drop. PS3 sales could rival DS sales in europe

mikeslemonade3969d ago

Not only does PS3 beat 360 but it's outselling Wii and PSP. PSP and 360 are not supply constrained in Europe. And Wii isn't as supply constrained in Europe as it is in the U.S. It's a known fact that Wii has the highest demand in the U.S.

peksi3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Whether 360 price cut comes or not their sales is eaten by the shorter lifespan of their console. MS is already starting to show off their next console coming in few years so who would want to buy a console that would be obsolete in 2-3 years? We got PCs for that.

360 strategy was to be there as early as possible before PS3 and sell sell sell like h*ll... up sales very aggressively using exclusives and lots of media coverage. Their target was to have large enough market to dominate by the time PS3 fired off, rule by market share regardless of PS3 technical advantage. They tried to replicate the PS2 formula but it seems they've just not reached the critical numbers and now they're starting to pay the price. You can go just that far with a fast start. Now they have a welded PC in their hands and it's gonna run out of juice in near future while PS3 is still accelerating. All MS can do now is to minimize the damage and start planning the next Xbox with different strategy.

edit: wow this sounds pretty bias stuff as I look it now :) But I got neither console, I'm just curious and have followed the big picture for the last 15 years or so and this is what it seems like to me.

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Neo-Delta3969d ago

PS3 outselling the Wii in Europe and outselling the 360 again - The PS3's great start continues...

sonarus3969d ago

hahaha at least until "microsoft goes for the throat" lol

TheExecutive3969d ago

Yeah its doing very very well.

If my math is right the worldwide sales figures for this WEEK ALONE is 200,000. Thats very very good

YoMeViet3969d ago

PS3 outsold everything except the DS, even the Wii, maybe there was a shortage of the Wii in these areas. Now THAT I can aleast believe unlike some 2+ yr old console that we know...

crunchie1013969d ago

at least not on Amazon, they are in stock at normal price.

Homicide3969d ago

Wiis were probably shipped to NA for Brawl release. Good news for PS3 though. Best selling console in EU for the Week.

Iamback3969d ago

I don't take VGchartz 2 seriously but since everyone is giving a comment, what the heck.
PS3 numbers are impressive, so are PS2 numbers. For God sake it is almost 8 years old system and still manages to sell 38k in one week? People say PS2 needs price drop! I say not, it wont boost sales a lot since EVERYONE already owns one. Sony must be making a lot of money on PS2.
PSP numbers are little low, can't wait to see after GOW gets released, will it have impact on sales or not.

sonarus3969d ago

i doubt sony is looking to drop the price of the ps2 anytime soon. Any drop in price will only result in a marginal increase in sales. PS2 is a fantastic machine but its time gamers start to look at next gen. Also ps2 and psp were mostly responsible for ps3's game division being able to turn a profit last quarter. Sony isn't loosing much on the ps3 anymore but i am sure they are looking to cut reduce production costs by increasing supply and thus being able to cut the price and ps2 and psp profit will help balance out the short term losses.

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