220° confirmed as phishing scam – Sega taking action

It was bollocks after all. According to this the whole ten year anniversary Dreamcast celebration that we reported three days ago definitely is a scam.

The news comes from Japanese site Mainichi, who has seemingly confirmed that Sega really doesn't own the domain any more.

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niall773971d ago

there gonna get ultra spamed.

Lord Anubis3971d ago

forget spam. imagine how much money they are going to make.

Cryos3971d ago

Why would Sega release the domain name of the Dreamcast? It doesn't take much to hold on to it, and they would protect themselves from this.

However, I would love to see them take some notice of the attention this got, and maybe consider a new console. lol. I loved my genesis and even my Saturn.

crck3971d ago

to hold on to the domain name.

zslash3971d ago

They probably forgot to renew it :/

Chubear3971d ago

And Sega fans got suckered yet again >.< Gosh, don't these gamers ever frikgen learn? lol

Fool me once shame on me fool me twice.. yada yada yada

socomnick3970d ago

I absolutely loathe Identity thieves. They need to be lined up and shot in the back of the head.