GameGirl: Has the 360 Reached the Limit?

There are three saving graces for the Xbox 360: the head start it had in the industry, the Xbox Live community and the extensive library of games. The Xbox 360 came out before the Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii giving it a significant early lead with the gaming community.

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tony3926d ago

bias. and yet some truth in it. i played heavenly swords for like a few hours and return it. then drake is a pretty good game but isn't a great graphical marvel, it just looks decent. so, with that been said, i don't see how much superior graphically the ps3 is over the 360. to me the 360 has the edge right now. that might change with time, especially with the big hitters like metal gear 4 and killzone 2. time will tell.

2 cents3926d ago

Last game on the x360 that looked good is PGR4. The x360 games are making small steps forward (gfx speaking) whille the ps3 is making leaps forward, and we can see that with GT5P. I don`t know of any game in development for the x360 to even come close graphicly. I own 21 games for my x360 against only 5 for the ps3 but i`ve been far more impressed with the ps3 games.

sonarus3926d ago

who the hell is this? And why does everyone now think they know so much about the video game industry. There were quite a few inaccuracies in her article. Especially the part about most multi plat games looking better on ps3. I am a ps3 fan myself but i do not sweep issues under the rug. 360 versions almost always look and perform better and devs need to get to work making better ps3 games

Breakfast3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

"The hardware issues do not stop there either, the excessive load times and consistent freezing in larger games is further proof of the lack of muscle the system has." ....really? The only hardware problem i had is the broken console, it never froze...and from what i can tell, it has faster load times than the ps3

Panthers3926d ago

Gotta disagree with you about Uncharted. It is the best looking game I have played on consoles. CoD4 looks nice from a distance, but not up close. GT5 will blow them all away.

TheWickedOne3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )


"The only hardware problem i had is the broken console, it never froze.."

My PS3 has never froze yet, but I'd rather have it freeze then "only" a broken console. Although I will agree the some games seem to have faster load times on the 360. Whether that is b/c of what console it was ported from or not.

sonarus3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

no way man. It is hard to find another game that looks as good as uncharted. I dnt think you will find any of them on consoles for a while. As for PGR4, it looked nice but we all know GT5 does more cars per race and still owns them all. May the video game gods punish any reviewer that doesn't give GT5 1 perfect 10 on visuals.

killax35633926d ago

...that chick can't write. She writes like she's still in high school or something (maybe she is). She states the Xbox 360's failure rate is 16% like that is some sort of fact, I know its higher than normal but some reports say as high as 70%, others (except for MS) say as low as 16%.

Nice headline, crappy article.

Breakfast3926d ago

I know what you mean with the freeze rather than brake comment.

Long loading time because of ports makes sense.
One game that killed me, and wasnt a port, was Motorstorm...omg i never not liked a game because of long loading, but that game was the first.

RecSpec3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I have to agree with that. I tried to get into Motorstorm, but the loading times were horrendous. I had to wait a few seconds to see a car's other paint job? Once you got into the game it was fine, but the time it took to get there kept me away.

mikeslemonade3926d ago

Here's why xbox live can't be considered a factor. Xbox live has always been with the xbox 1 and xbox 360 and in 7 years it hasn't expanded the install base. Now the extensive game library, one year headstart, and the lower entry price are new factors that could help them, but saying xbox live is a factor is like saying PS1 and PS2 BC are a factor for the success of the PS3 but at the end of the day these are the things that are expected on the system.

uxo223926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Not trying to get in any heated debates, but can you use XBL on the PS3...I'll answer that for you "NO!" With that being said, "YES" you can add XBL as a factor. I really don't understand how you managed to convince yourself otherwise. And to say that XBL has not expanded it's install base is just silly and reckless to say the least.

This article overall is simply another flavor of the same ole sh!t. We've all heard it before and gamergirls said nothing that anyone that calls themselves a gamer didn't already know or have at least heard.

The PS3 and 360 are both great machines, MS burned itself by releasing such flawed hardware. I honestly believe that the biggest help to the PS3's success (Especially with the 360 having a 1 year head start) was the 360's hardware problems. I honestly believe that the 360 would be sitting double the current install base had it not been for the hardware problems. But you know what, that's not the case, the hardware issues did happen and MS is taking it up the butt for taking shortcuts.

Although I have all three consoles, I definitely play my 360 the most, as a matter of fact, the biggest problem I have with my PS3 is that my TV doesn't support 720p (Which sucks) and games like Motorstorm, and RFOM down scales on my TV. (which means they're not getting much play time.) Sony boasted 1080p as a standard prior to the PS3 releasing, so instead of getting a new TV I bought new camera equipment. (Believing that I can have the 1080p games down sample to 1080i.) Well guess what, almost every game I want to buy for the PS3 is being release at 720p. (Please don't let GOW3, MSG4, & KZ also be 720p games, I will just die!)

Anyway back on subject. Both consoles are great and they both do what they are built to do very well and that is play games. There are little nuances on both systems that annoy me, but you can't please everyone.

Lifendz3926d ago

Wow. I had to stop reading your post right there. I hope you're not comparing it to Crysis on a 4k rig cuz that's just not fair. Drake is, without a doubt, the prettiest and most vivid game I've ever seen on a console. And I've seen Gears and claimed that was the king for the longest...until Drake came out. You talk about the article being biased and then you turn around and make some biased statement about Drake's Fortune.

Spydr073925d ago

No, Drake isn't a graphical 'marvel'. Yes, to be so would have to hit the level Crysis did. http://www.merriam-webster.... There's your definition of that word. No where in Drake did I think, "OMG, I can't believe this is a game!" Yes, it has great graphics. But it is hardly worthy of being called a "graphical marvel".

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Sony sucks balls3926d ago

Ha the 360 is just starting to flex it's muscle.

Skaterboy Tell Em3926d ago

Yeah which is why we havent seen anything better looking on xbox than GEow which came out in 2006,

InYourMom3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

COD4 doesn't look better than Gears?? Character animations in Mass Effect are amazing, Bioshock's artisic flair is brilliant, PGR4 is gorgeous.

You have games like Warhound coming up that look like Crysis on PC, Gears 2 tech demo showed some amazing promise, etc.

You don't even have a 360 Skaterboy yet you know that Gears is the best looking game yet on the 360. All you know is what you read on the internet and follow like a sheep.

It's so easy to say oh the PS3 is sooo powerful, even though everything we've seen so far could be done on the 360... But it's "oh just you wait"! Of course you are never going to win that argument because nobody knows what to expect from these games beyond what they've seen online. I've played all the major titles on the PS3 and I've played all the major titles on the 360 and there is no OMG, night and day difference. Some developers are more skilled than others but console power wise Ive seen nothing that can't be done on either system.

Skaterboy: You don't even have a 360 so I don't know how you suddenly know that Gears is the best looking game on the system

Harry1903926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

like spasms on it's ..... bed.

Skaterboy Tell Em3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I just happen to have this brother,that happens to have an xbox 360,who happens to live with me,which i happend to play/see the games on xbox 360.So no technically i dont have an xbox 360 but i have seen/played the best looking games for it and i havent seen anything on xbox which looks better than GEow which happend to come out in 2006.You dont even know me so who the hell r u to tell me what i have and dont have? Time to grow up fanboy,i just stated my opinion moron if u have a problem with that then dont reply [email protected]

P.S.- I DARE you to reply,and make youself look even more stupid.

uxo223926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I don't get it, you make a comment, some contests you comment and you start to think that he's calling you out. You start to call him names and daring him to say something back. You don't see that as being somewhat of a bully. "How dare he call me out!"

Please man, this is a website with millions of opinions, give it a rest and get over yourself.

BTW, so you know ahead of time, I'm just trying to tell you how it looks when other people see it. So, don't think you gonna bait "ME" into a name calling contest as you tried to do inyour..

Pain3925d ago

say what u kids want but cant prove me wrong.

Mycococo3925d ago

YOU MOST DEF HAVE NOT PLAYED MANY XBOX 360 GAMES! i think gears of war looks horrible compared to the recent unreal engine releases such as BIOSHOCK and MASS DEFECT.Bioshock honestly looks better and plays better than anything on the ps3. i know thats a debate but HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED IT? lets see what games ps3 has that looks good Heavenly sword, Uncharted, MAYBE ratchet and clank. not denying that they are good games and have amazing graphics but that is not enough to make any argument. how many ps3 games won any type of game of the year title? HOW MANY PS3 GAMES WON ANY AWARDS FOR THE YEAR ENDING 2007? i think flow got the downloadable of the year and it deserved it. calling all cars should have been up for something but it was pretty glitchy. i digress...

anyway. xbox 360 clearly took the year and there is nothing you can say that can deny that. we'll see what happens AT THE END OF THIS YEAR. XBOX WILL STAY RELEVANT FOR SURE.

and by the way many studios dont have the budget to even try maxing out the ps3's potential and it will stay like that past this year so if you are hoping for some PROVERBIAL DIFFERENCE YOU ARE GOING TO BE LOOKING AND HATING ON XBOX FOR A LONG WHILE. just play your ratchet and clank kiddy game and be happy with it if thats what you believe in.

i sold my ps3 cause i saw the light but that doesnt mean i wont buy one again when the time to own one arrives but that time is not now and wont be until mgs4, ff, little big planet, and killzone 2 are all available to show a difference in the hardware. its starting but not here. and another btw for ya, we still havent seen gears 2 yet and that should be a showcase of xbox 360 in will show if the box is still going to be relevant. i bet it will.

the realness!

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VigorousApathy3926d ago

The original X-Box had a year's worth of technological advancement over the PS2 and it couldn't keep up. Now the X-Box 360 is in the same situation except a year's worth behind.

Bladestar3926d ago

hehe... you may need to wait until Gears 2 is released... set the bar and be labeled as the best looking games for the following 1-2 years.. just in time to start talking about the next xbox 360... translation: Xbox 360 has enough juice to serve for the next 2-3 years...

Mario183926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Enough juice to serve another 2-3 years? it can't even last for 1 year.

Gear of War 2 will look better than Gears one but barely since they're using Unreal Engine 3.5 for the game... O yea, and Resistance 2 will compete with Gears 2, 60 players online vs 8 player (maybe 16) lag fest...

2 cents3926d ago

Shame it hasn`t got the legs to go that long, if you know what i mean. You are praising a game that you have seen no footage nor pics of, but hold your breath you never know. I`m not saying it won`t loog good, i`m just saying wait till release.

kevin11223926d ago

I find it funny that you are doing exactly what you criticized playstation fans for doing, touting a game that hasnt even been shown yet.

AceLuby3925d ago

"set the bar and be labeled as the best looking games for the following 1-2 years..."

Man, I would really like to see a screen shot or demo or trailer or anything regarding the obvious shoe-in for GOTY...

Spydr073925d ago

Gears 2 will come out with such great graphics that they still WON'T compare to Crysis' graphics. Whuppidy do. Top Crysis on a console and I'll be impressed. Until then, 360 and PS3's graphics are in the same ballpark with each other. Neither blows the other away.

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2 cents3926d ago

So the x360 is graphicaly superior, is the devs choise since being easier to work with and has plenty of juice left and yet Rainbow6 Vegas2 is looking no better than the first one!? Hows that possible with all the juice and power?

InYourMom3926d ago

multiplatform and has to work on the PS3.


Kleptic3926d ago

more like because its UE3, and only Epic can get that engine to do impressive 2k with bioshock...

(not kidding)