Graphics VS Gameplay - What Matters Most?

What is the secret to a good game? To many people the heart of the game lies in the functionality of how it plays, commonly known as gameplay. In contrast there are many people who prefer games that push their visuals to the limit to fully express the world they want to convey.

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classic2002810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I am still surprise this question is needed to be ask, right now even story beats the hell out of graphics. Give me a game a stupid story and fun gameplay with beautiful graphics I might not be satisfied but give me a game with great story and gameplay with average graphics and I will love it regardless.

Graphics in games is just like the cover of a story book, without the words it is useless.

BullyMangler2810d ago

The answer is BOTH, but gameplay rides on top.

OhMyGandhi2810d ago

I agree, I wouldn't have gone anywhere near Nier had the gameplay not been incredibly fun/addictive.

T9002810d ago

Well most games are multiplats anyways. atleast 90% of them are.

Gameplay is same across all platforms.

Its just PC provides the bonus with better graphics across the board and this just isnt high end PCs. Since console tech is so old, Even low to mid range PCs of today provide that bonus.

knowyourstuff2809d ago

This is what's known as a slow news day... even at the computer desk of the guy writing this in his underwear on his blog/website.

hay2809d ago

Game is a product which importance spans across several aspects.
It needs visual appearance, audio fidelity, and fun interactiveness to be successful.
Best games are those which nailed each of those aspects, so I'd say it's pretty obvious we need all of them.

Both visuals and gameplay can become boring or stale when not enough attention is put into it.

Like in life, you need a good balance of those aspects. You need to look respective for your position, and perform adequately to your role.
You might slack off a bit, or not care about how you look, but that's a personal preference of favuoring one over the other.

But there are standards dictated by the environment to be met. Or surpass if ambitious enough.

All of us would prefer both, but if I had to choose, I'd sacrifice graphics. I had most enjoyable time with less fidelity, but richer worlds or gameplay mechanics. I can imagine pretty vistas. It's hard to imagine fun gameplay when it isn't.

Murad2809d ago

Just play Chrono Trigger, and find yourself understanding that graphics ultimately do not matter a tad bit.

SolidStoner2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

both the same!

There is and must be the best middle golden way for every game, depending on wanted result is it a simulation or story based game etc... graphics and gameplay must have great balance...

gameplay matters but if graphics lacks "the looks" then even my imagination cant help!

MysticStrummer2809d ago

"The answer is BOTH, but gameplay rides on top."

That makes no sense. You just said gameplay was most important.

"Gameplay is same across all platforms."

Exclusives say no.

Gameplay has always been and will always be more important than graphics.

SilentNegotiator2809d ago

I hate articles that ask this question because absolutely no one ACTUALLY values graphics over gameplay.

No one older than 5...NO ONE...would play a 100% broken, unfinished, beautiful game that only allows to you walk 2 feet before crashing, over an ugly game that plays well.

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Dee_912810d ago

graphics for me
I dont even play games I just skip to the cut scenes

Shuyin2810d ago

I see what you did there...lmfao.

ILive2810d ago

Both. Gameplay is very much subjective, and graphics can enhance gameplay experience. Example, many hated the gameplay of ff13, while others loved it. There is no arguing that the game boasts amazing graphics though.

Chris5582810d ago

Protip it has game in the name

colonel1792810d ago

It's definitely BOTH. While gameplay is more important since it's obviously a game, graphics allow for better gameplay and story. I don't think Uncharted would have been possible on PS1. I don't think it would have had the same impact with PS1 graphics, no matter how great the story was. Also, the gameplay wouldn't have been possible either. The same goes for a lot of games. With PS4 and next Xbox we will surely see more new ideas that will come in consequence of the better graphics. It's the sum of all parts, and it all depends on what developers want to focus on.

Pushagree2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Gamers will never admit it, but we are all graphics whores. The most interesting thing about video games is that they are still evolving visually and they area evolving fast. If a new console released and it had lesser graphics than the last, no one would buy it.

hiredhelp2810d ago

From a gamer from 8bit days to today I say Both.
Bottom line you need both more today than 8bit days because we've past the line where anything is possible.
Players always wanting more looking for more, when we buy a new console what's the first thing you notice when new game comes out aka killzone 4 ? Gameplay. BS visuals graphics the wow factor.
But when you see or have hands on a game that has gameplay and graphics then it's a perfect match.
But both of them can let down a game if the game not done right.

MariaHelFutura2810d ago

The pretentious answer is gameplay. The reality is both matter to gamers and the game industry. Graphics pull you in, gameplay keeps you comin back, its kind of comparable to a womans beauty and personality.

N0S3LFESTEEM2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

LOL... Beauty and Personality. That's a great way to sum it up... just like with Graphics vs Gameplay there's a trade off... it's rare that you'll ever get both unless you have a freakishly large penis but that doesn't transfer over to games as well. If you find yourself a girl with a nice personality looks won't matter that much to you... if you find a hot chick she'll most likely be stuck up and pretentious and offer the personality of a brick. Games can offer the best graphics in the world but the trade off is most likely going to hit it in the gameplay department with it ending up being generic feeling or just outright trash. If the gameplay is good though and enough to suck you in then the Graphics won't matter as much. So yeah... Good comparison.

I totally didn't rip off your word there XD... I didn't notice it until I read your post over again after I wrote mine.

UnwanteDreamz2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


BTW the answer is subjective. Why not ask what genre is best? Evryone has an opinion.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232810d ago

Do Console gamers have a choice?

LordOfAdmirals2809d ago

yes. we have plenty of great looking games.

halo 4
gears 3

to name just a few. both have good graphics and good gameplay.

MysticStrummer2809d ago

The GotY list from the PS3/360 era proves console gamers have the best games to choose from.

OC_MurphysLaw2810d ago

Ultimately it really is game play. An example: Look at a Mario 64. Graphically it is not great in todays standard but that game is still tons of fun and better than many current gen better looking platformers.

Graphics might tip the scale on two games that are similar in feel and game play but I really dont think they matter as much ultimately as many would think they do.

AngelicIceDiamond2809d ago

If Crytek and Crysis taught us anything its gameplay matters most. Which is funny because Tomb Raider, not only does looks fantastic, but plays well to. So what's Crytek's excuse for uninspiring gameplay?

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TheXonySbox2809d ago

This isnt a matter of most; its BALANCE.

Indie games have great gameplay' but graphically and engine wise feel shallow and lack of AAA feel; they feel shallow in 2d levels.

3D and a great 3d looking game sucks you into the experience by tricking the human mind. Great gameplay and great graphics should be balanced with one another. Release a 2013 game with 2006 graphics and its going to get ripped. Unless you have a strong following with the franchise, graphics will draw in new customers 9/10 times IMO.

BALANCE is key.

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Thepharaoh2810d ago

This isn't event a real question it's obviously Gameplay. You could be the greatest looking game in history I'm talking 5080x4500 graphics that look like Avatar(Not the nickelodeon television show or movie but the one with the blue people) CGI ,but have awful broken Kung Fu rider, Amy gameplay and the thing will be in the good old Wal-Mart 5 dollar bargain bin with those old Ds chibi cooking games and Wii cartoon games the week it comes out. Take examples from Crysis 3 and SimCity, those games are like certain celebrities lots of looks but little to no heart and soul. It's rare we get games like Gran turismo, Halo 4,the withcer, battlefield, and uncharted with great looks, Brains, and heart. Remember kids always choose personality over physicality. RANT OVER

whoyouwit042810d ago

It goes like this game play, story, then graphics. i say game play over story because it has to have good enough game play to grab your attention.