Gears of War Judgement First Impressions: Good But…

RGN writes, "Gears of War Judgement as we all know has come out today. I have jumped into the multiplayer for a little bit and I was impressed with some of these new features but at the same time something felt to familiar. Tons of people were using the Gnasher still after four games you think a developer would make more weapons that rival it."

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tristanwerbe2039d ago

I really wish they would take the Gnasher

PhiMattic2039d ago

Interesting this game has been getting positive and average reception. I am interested to see what your final impression will be.

zerocrossing2039d ago

I've played the first 2-3 missions or so of the actual game and I can honestly say I wasn't impressed , it's just more of what we've already seen/done... Having said that though if you're a big Gears fan then maybe you will like it regardless.

omi25p2039d ago

As an ex big Gears fan i think they have put the final nail in the coffin.

They nearly ruined it with Gears 3 but they have destroyed everything that made Gears 1/2 brilliant.

People now die in 1 shotgun shot where as before you had to fight 1 on 1 by rolling, punching diving and shooting just to kill one guy.

Fights like that during a match was easily some of the most adrenalin pumping gaming ever.

TekoIie2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

"People now die in 1 shotgun shot where as before you had to fight 1 on 1 by rolling, punching diving and shooting just to kill one guy."

Is that sarcasm? Or do you have that illness that's spreading called trolling?

So after watching that gameplay are you cured or still planning to spout utter BS?

omi25p2038d ago


All that video shows is that he isnt very good.

I just went 20 to 5 on my first game of judgement and thats with different controls.

Gears 1/2 took skills 3 and judgment is r just easy

TekoIie2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Uh-oh! It appears your foaming at the mouth :/

So if that guys bad how about we get some gameplay for GoldGlove? I mean obviously he isnt very good either/s

BTW if in you first game you went 20-5 how come the game doesn't show up on your GT? You clearly dont know what your talking about since if you were really a fan you'd know that the gnasher actually got nerfed.

Also please show me some evidence of Gears 1 and 2 taking more skill that any other Gears games despite the only good starting weapon in those being the gnasher... Oh and how could we forget the connection problems which plagued those games.

1nsaint2038d ago

Hmm to me it looks like the one hit kill range is about the same, but beyond that range you need more shots to down then other gears games..

I do agree that they nearly ruined gears 3 (because of the sawed-off shotgun imo)

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N0S3LFESTEEM2039d ago

Didn't Gears of war 3 just come out?

Hitman07692039d ago

Gears of War 3 was released September 20, 2011 exclusively for Xbox 360 and has not released on any system prior. so... no.

N0S3LFESTEEM2039d ago

So they COD'ed the series... great. Less than a 2 year development cycle... it must ooze quality.

Irishguy952039d ago

Yeah like most series this Gen noS3lF.

Jek_Porkins2039d ago

They used a 2 year cycle just like Mass Effect, Uncharted and Resistance. A lot of companies employed a 2 year cycle this generation, this isn't 10-15 years ago when developers had a terribly hard time working with game engines, developers are better than ever and the gamer's reap the rewards.

mochachino2039d ago

I bought Gears 1-3. Gears 1 was probably one of my favourite games of the gen but the series stagnated by the 3rd version (especially in the story/character development department) and now I have no interest in the series. Same old.

Maybe next gen with some new gameplay and most importantly an epic story that the first one alluded to but the sequels never accomplished.

whamlollypop72039d ago

I think both of the GOW franchises have run a very similar path, both have completed a trilogy that were staples of the industry, the studios decided to make prequels. Both seem to be highly enjoyable but are being knocked due to a real lack of need for the game in the franchises universe.

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