Battlefield: Bad Company 20 Minute Special special for the latest game in the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Bad Company. Includes an in-depth look at the new game as well as a tour of the DICE studio and look back at the titles that have formed the Battlefield series.

Planet Battlefield writes: "The video is packed full of footage some new, some old, and a short history of the Battlefield franchise (6:30), even talking about Codename Eagle and numerous interviews with DICE devs. The end of the video discusses the Gold Rush game mode (19:30), one journalist even comparing it to Frontlines: Fuel of War.

The most interesting part I found was the tour of DICE studios (13:00) in Stockholm, Sweden. 280 people from 15 different countries work at DICE. At around 13:57 you will even see Battlefield: Heroes on the computers in one of their game rooms. Aside from the wall of microwaves, DICE store, the scattered caffeine filled coffee makers, and the large fish tank, the one thing that caught my eye were these areas marked off with caution tape and stop signs. What type of secret projects lay in these areas? Battlefield 3? Who knows?"

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tony3970d ago

interesting title in the horizon. far cry 2 will give this game good competition.

TheIneffableBob3970d ago

How so?
One is predominantly a multiplayer game and the other singleplayer.

tony3970d ago

both, single and multiplayer. and both have some innovations, good ones.

ISA_Scum3969d ago

Far Cry 2, Battlefield or Haze? Tough choices coming up soon.

tony3969d ago

battlefield and far cry 2.

sak5003969d ago

Are you kidding? BF and Far Cry = huge franchises where as haze is new and from what was seen so far is a halo wannabe with bad textures and fps issues.

masterg3969d ago

I will probably get them all.
But there is no doubt that this is the order of importance for me.

1. Battlefield (The Attacker/Defender mode is just my cup of the. A little like Annex on Gear of War)
2. FarCry 2 (AI looks amazing)
3. Haze (Who knows this might look 100% better than the last time we saw it)

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The story is too old to be commented.