Fight Night Round 3: PS3 Preview

Even the most hardened hetero male couldn't fail to get excited over these glistening, bulging, sweaty torsos. Yes, what you're drooling over are the first images - in-game, mind - of Fight Night Round 3 on PS3. The Xbox 360 version just can't go the distance with these photorealistic boxers. Nor does it boast PS3's exclusive new mode, Get in the Ring, which changes the side-on third-person perspective to a much more immersive first-person view, designed to show off the outstanding damage model.

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uggy6262d ago

it does look more polished, but the crowd still looks shocking... look at picture 9 or 10, behind ali and they look just as bad as before. really takes from the game i thought

uggy6262d ago

it does look more polished, but the crowd still looks shocking... look at picture 9 or 10, behind ali and they look just as bad as before. really takes from the game i thought

Deceased6262d ago

Read the posts on the web page featuring the PS3 screenshots, pretty funny.

THWIP6262d ago

1.) This game had a whole extra year of dev time ; I would hope it might be more than a direct port of the 360 game. But visually, I see no discernable difference. The crowds/background still have the same low-poly, 2-D look, and the boxer details look EXACTLY the same.
2.) I'm sure Sony early PS3 adopters will love this....but I'll be playing FNR4 in less than a year, so I've got ZERO interest in this. ;)

TheXgamerLive6262d ago

It's the same game and yes a pretty good game, I also saw that they made a first person version available, I'm assuming due to the low available memory on the ps3, so by freeing up and not showing the fighter fp style they allocated more available memory to help the system out. Not a must buy but more of a good bye.

specialguest6262d ago

of course the core gameplay is gonna be the same, but the graphics are slightly better and you get a FP mode with other extras. it's more like an updated/improved version which means it's a better version. if i already played this on the 360, then no, of course i would not buy this again just for extras.

beans6262d ago (Edited 6262d ago )

there is also a 1st person mode on the 360! I remember playing a friend and going into that mode so how is it different! This guy probably never played the 360 version and im sure both games will feel very similar but won't know anything until i've tried it on PS3!

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Wouldn't pay for any of them and its not because they aren't good games

PeaSFor3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

i was buying playstation magazines for psx demo discs, i remember playing the shit out of THPS demo.

medman3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I rarely play demos as I'm usually sure about which games interest me and which do not, and I don't want to spoil even the slightest bit of the games I'm truly interested in. So ultimately the only demos I try out are for games I know I'm not going to buy. I don't even touch alphas or betas for much the same reason. I don't understand why anyone would pay for a demo.

micx3441d ago

Apparently, EA will gladly give in to your demand.

mushroomwig3441d ago

Except that it was a mistake which has since been corrected. Who likes pesky facts though, eh?

christian hour3441d ago

Not 85% (roughly) of the posters on this site thats for sure, they LOVE misinformation. The glossy mag journos of the internet are a rabid bunch :)

EverydayGuy3441d ago

Without facts we would live in a lawless society, which I wouldn't mind. The strong or the most cunning will rule and everyone else are fodder.

Since we do have actual facts that are universally accepted, we can come together and have a civil debate.

itisallaboutps3441d ago

I highly doubt it was a mistake. Out of all companies. Keep in mind ea and microsoft also have a contract. I am sure it was damage control

dericb113441d ago

Are you going to play the Destiny beta?