The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’s PSN Download Size Might be Under 5GB

We’ve done a great job covering The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct over the past few months [Editor: Why, god why?]. We were the first to tell you about the pre-order bonuses, release date change, and ESRB rating, then just last week, there was a brand new trailer.

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TrendyGamers2041d ago

Because of game installs recently, I don't even have 5GB available.

doctorstrange2041d ago

I do. Still not getting it.

stuna12041d ago

Yeah people would download this crap, and realise it has corrupted their entire harddrive.

ftwrthtx2041d ago

I'd still rather have the disc and not the download on my hard drive.

MultiConsoleGamer2041d ago

Not surprising. It looks like a ps2 game.