Nvidia: GeForce GRID is Netlix for gamers

Nvidia to show GeForce GRID to developers

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ninjahunter2091d ago

Hmm, Thats actually a very attractive slogan XD.

Not that its an actual slogan, but still, If i didnt know better, i would be very interested in a GOOD "netflix for gamers".

N0S3LFESTEEM2091d ago

Netlix? Is that the lesbian porno version?

Twinzclipz2090d ago

Yeah Sure , and Graphic is for gamers Yeah
iNvidia in Italy means envy

ATi_Elite2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Some Sony fanboys are already saying "Gaikai is the Netflix for Gamers".

Well that means Playstation Exclusives will be on devices other than Sony Playstations like Tablets and PC's.

"Buh buh buh Sony Exclusives will NEVER be on anything other than Playstations"

Then Gaikai is NOT Netflix for gamers.

Either way I know more about what Nvidia Grid is than what Gaikai and Sony are gonna do.

If Gaikai is the way for Sony to offer up it's exclusives to everyone then Sony is gonna make a ton of money.

If Nvidia's Grid gets the big name publishers on board then the Grid will make a Ton of money. Nvidia already has support of some major Tech companies for it's grid.

there is room for both.