Pros vs Cons: The Witcher 3 Multiplayer – Part One

RGN writes, "With CD Projekt Red’s recent announcement that Cyberpunk 2077 will feature multiplayer there is some talk about the possibility of The Witcher 3 receiving multiplayer features as well. We have seen disastrous results when some single player titles add multiplayer. We’ve also seen some across the board good implementations as well as mediocre ones. With not much to go on, gamers are struggling to gather themselves and define the pros and cons amongst each other for the title receiving multiplayer elements of any kind versus remaining a purely single player experience."

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tristanwerbe2092d ago

I think it could be a good idea but well see Mass Effect 3 is an RPG and had a good MP mode so

MariaHelFutura2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Did you just compare the RPGness of Mass Effect 3 to The Witcher?!?! You should be slapped along w/ CDPR for even thinking of adding MP to this game.

There is only one pro and one con for fans of The Witcher.

Pro- There will be no MP
Con- There will be MP


Mariusmssj2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Arena in witcher 2 could do with with a pvp i would love to fight my friends!!!

tristanwerbe2092d ago

You need to have a open mind so your comment is invalid

hazardman2092d ago

Lol... but you right tho. The Witcher needs to stay single player only.

Donnieboi2092d ago

Dont buy it then. But i'll give it a chance. I remember laughing when I heard that Assassins Creed would have multiplayer, but then it became one of the most ambitious mp additions ever and has even won awards for it. So, if u have a problem with the devs flexing their inner creative muscle, then don't buy it. Just quit your crying.

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Root2092d ago

Mass Effects was awful...they had time after the leak to waste resources on getting the ending done quicker and instead the wasted resources and money on a tacked on multiplayer which made the ending seem rushed.

EricSTEEZWard2092d ago

really good post. i might consider buying the game and trying it out. thank you

misterme2092d ago

I'm not sure I like the idea of such a vast speculation on something so unconfirmed, but I think more credit needs to be given for at least an attempt at a variety of on-line content and playing.

I would love to see some more adventurous game play in newer titles, and it can introduce an aspect of freshness if you've been playing single-player modes for a while.

Romudeth2092d ago

Why can't we have purely single player games anymore?

Hitman07692092d ago

I used to feel any game can get multiplayer if done correctly. I still think that, but I also never wanted to see every single player experience go multiplayer. I wonder how Final Fantasy will approach their next installments bearing this in mind.

Flipgeneral2092d ago

Game longevity.

Its assumed that way with MP, gamers will continue to play their game, reducing amount of trade-ins.

In reality, shitty MP or games that had forced MP make me so angry I trade that shit in double time!

Use those resources to make the experience that much more significant you ass hats!! I would keep a glorious game on my shelf and trade in a half assed one in a heartbeat


Rearden2092d ago

Multiplayer would put a game like this in MMORPG territory...

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