PlayStation All-Stars Update 1.10 is Now Live

PlayStaion Euphoria Writes: "All-Star fans will be happy to know that the latest update for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is now live for everyone to download!(PS3: 1123MB, PSVita: 855MB). The new update features a lot of balance changes which you can see here, as well as the addition of two new characters and a new stage. Those characters are Dead Space's Issac Clarke and God of War's Zeus. The price for the newly added characters runs about $4.99 and the new Medievil/Unfinished Swan stage will run you about $1.99."

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dp2774072806d ago

Cool, been waiting to use my GoW code.

andrewf912806d ago

Btw, you can use your Vouchers to download the characters ahead of the Store Update tonight. I've already seen players use them online.

andrewf912806d ago

My PSVita is taking a beating with these updates from All-Stars! But I'm glad it's not a 1 GB of update data! Still I'm running out of space.

Blastoise2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Big Daddy buff? Awwww yeah :D it's on now! XD

andrewf912806d ago

He gains AP a little quicker and his level 1 is a tad bit more deadly. Still, you need to time his level 1 just right for it to be used properly.

Blastoise2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

And his level 2 is sped up. I still think he needs a faster dodge more than anything else, because he's a super easy target. I've tried to dodge supers with big daddy and died, had I been any other character I would have survived.

Still, better than nothing. Glad his level 1 is actually useful now, he's an awesome character in the roster

r212805d ago

Good to see a fellow BD user :D

MoXxXi2806d ago

I still love how they went ahead and nerfed Fat Princess, Nathan Drake, Nathan Drake's barrel, etc but Kratos is almost entirely still intact...

andrewf912806d ago

He's not as bad as people make him out to be. Granted some will disagree with me, over the course of the game's release a lot of people have figured out Krato's strategies and have been able to find ways to counter against him.

ExCest2806d ago

True, but he's still annoying and takes extra effort to fight against him.

TheTwelve2805d ago

Kratos sucks in this game, bro. He takes far too little skill to play well...which is his problem. Horrible players are getting way too many wins through him.


andrewf912805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

People don't use the throw moves a lot online. If they were to then level 3's could be prevented a lot more often. Instead they just build their own meter and forget others might be going for a level 3. Throws need to be used by everyone in a FFA it's risky but it can help change the favor of the fight.

ExCest2806d ago

I hate his homing command grab with a passion.

chrispseuphoria2805d ago

I suggest trying to block more often.

TheTwelve2805d ago

Block more often so that you can be grabbed? Nope, bad strategy.

Blastoise2806d ago

Kratos is an easy fix as well, either...

Reduce the AP gain of his side square attack
reduce the speed of his attacks
reduce the range of his chain square attacks

Do any of them and he'll be balanced, his super's aren't particularly OP

CaptainSheep2806d ago

Agreed. His level 3 is so easy to dodge! But if the player has some skill, it gets a bit challenging.
And I personally really dislike his level 2.

MoXxXi2806d ago

It's an easy fix that they still refuse to actually His level 3 may be easy to dodge but if he gets it 2-3 times a match that can be anywhere from 10-15 kills a match easily

Mookie2806d ago

I eat kratos for lunch with Dante

jon12342806d ago

they nerfed the barrel! thank goodness, people spam the crap out of it, so annoying

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