Beyond: Two Souls - A lot has changed since E3 reveal, exciting News is coming

David Cage from Quantic Dream has revealed that a lot in Beyond: Two Souls has changed since E3 reveal last year. Very exciting news is coming.

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rezzah2041d ago

Hope it is true.

If any game I plan to get on the PS3 is also on the PS4, then i'm getting the PS4 versions.

rezzah2041d ago

Was looking through my email and found some new information about the game.

The actor who played Green Goblin from Spider Man is a character in the game.

He plays a scientist who helps Ellen learn about her powers.

r212041d ago

Rezzah, that's been confirmed quite a while ago. Here's some footage of Willem Dafoe:

ps3vita4life2041d ago

Consider me excited!! Although we haven't seen much of Beyond, the things I've seen so far look great! Can't wait to see more.

Bathyj2041d ago

Hmm, doubt it. I think its more game play related.

Still, id be on board if it was.

andibandit2041d ago

A news article about incomming news..........

spirited2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

1080p, 60fps ...PS4

Detoxx2041d ago

No matter how much I'd love to see that, I really doubt it. Killzone Shadowfall = 1080P, 30FPS and Battlefield 4 = 720P, 60 FPS

thebigman2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Didn't the BF4 rumor turn out to be fake?

Edit: Regardless, I don't see how a ported PS3 game would run at less than 1080p60

Tei7772041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Those are game which are built for the PS4 from the ground up and will be far more demanding.

Beyond on ps4 will be equivalent to a HD remastered title for current gen systems. Many of the art assets are still going to be of PS3 quality, they are not going to rebuild the majority of them to take advantage of the PS4's power. Instead they'll use the additional power for higher FPS, Resolution, Anti aliasing, cleaner depth of field, better lighting.

DeadlyFire2041d ago

We can't expect [email protected] fps with only one year of development time with dev kits.

In the future it is likely to happen, but we must wait for it. I suspect PS4 is capable of [email protected] fps on all current gen game engines. Engines that push graphics and physics to the max on the other hand. We could see less fps. Although they havn't had much time to really optimize the new gen engines to squeeze in more fps.

When an engine runs at 100% only then can you start creating tricks to make your game look better and run faster on the same game engine. Has noone been paying attention to Activision's strategy with Call of Duty?

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