Will PlayStation Home Survive the Transition to PS4?

Push Square: "The word ‘social’ cropped up a lot during Sony’s big PlayStation 4 coming out party late last month, but we’re still yet to learn how PlayStation Home will be integrated into the next generation platform – if, indeed, it will be incorporated at all. The virtual world was Sony’s big bet on casual gaming during the course of the current generation, but while the PlayStation 3-based endeavour has built up a loyal following, has the manufacturer quietly brushed the concept aside?"

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Godmars2902043d ago

Given that they've changed their save system to a cloud base, certainly hope so.

Dark_king2042d ago

I expect them to end up running Home on Gaikai. Could help improve the service ,wouldn't need to download updates to every area.Should make moving between areas quicker also.An Home is getting quite large eating up a good bit of HDD space,streaming it would certainly reduce that.

Veneno2042d ago

I think had Sony followed through with the idea of integrating home as the main interface of th3 PS3 as an option over the XMB it could have been better received and a bigger hit than it was.

DOMination-2042d ago

That is what Phil Harrison wanted. But the Japanese felt online was not a big deal at the time.

GiggMan2043d ago

Home can be so cool with the new features of PS4. Streaming game uploads from players in a movie theater type setting is something that comes mind. Don't know how realistic something like that would be but it would be cool.

fsfsxii2043d ago

PS home was profitable for sony so yes.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2042d ago

Darn right. And it's actually pretty enjoyable. I only log in once or twice a year but whenever I'm there I'm having fun. Just rather be playing games.

Good_Guy_Jamal2043d ago

I've never used Home, nor am I in the least bit worried it won't make it to next gen.

tweet752043d ago

it would be a great centerpiece for ps4 if done right. Set up an open world environment where you can discover games.

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The story is too old to be commented.