AiLive - Wii Tech Demonstration

LiveMove is a program that could prove to aide designers in creating software for the Wii. Just think of the possibilities.

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eddie145901d ago

I fail to recognize why people don't like this...what the graphics weren't up to your par...that was just a demo...Apparently you are not looking at the bigger picture Nintendo is trying to explain...oh well...

The Milkman5900d ago

I wasnt even realy paying attention to the games but the capability of the Nintendo Wii controller. I think its cool because the developers can have you do alot of creative things with the Wii controller. Looks like it be a fun party piece when you have to do a chicken dance in front of every body to beat a mission lol.

The Developers are able to put you into alot of situations like you could be an agent and get tied up and you have to untie yourself before you fall into a pit. Maybe even make your own weapons from scraps on the ground and use it to take down enemys.

I think that is awesome because I could see so many ways developers could take advantage of the Nintendo Wii to capture fun and entertainment.

ChickeyCantor5900d ago

no troubles ! with the speed YEAH =D that means no problems with fast commands

ChickeyCantor5899d ago

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and you dont even tell us why?
=) and paul you always say : "my arguments"
i aint seeing one now