AiLive - Wii Tech Demonstration

LiveMove is a program that could prove to aide designers in creating software for the Wii. Just think of the possibilities.

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eddie146340d ago

I fail to recognize why people don't like this...what the graphics weren't up to your par...that was just a demo...Apparently you are not looking at the bigger picture Nintendo is trying to explain...oh well...

The Milkman6340d ago

I wasnt even realy paying attention to the games but the capability of the Nintendo Wii controller. I think its cool because the developers can have you do alot of creative things with the Wii controller. Looks like it be a fun party piece when you have to do a chicken dance in front of every body to beat a mission lol.

The Developers are able to put you into alot of situations like you could be an agent and get tied up and you have to untie yourself before you fall into a pit. Maybe even make your own weapons from scraps on the ground and use it to take down enemys.

I think that is awesome because I could see so many ways developers could take advantage of the Nintendo Wii to capture fun and entertainment.

ChickeyCantor6340d ago

no troubles ! with the speed YEAH =D that means no problems with fast commands

ChickeyCantor6339d ago

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kmega87 14 Oct 2006 15:00
soundboy 13 Oct 2006 15:35
PAUL CERULA 13 Oct 2006 14:24

and you dont even tell us why?
=) and paul you always say : "my arguments"
i aint seeing one now


The chaotic physics-based party game collection "Pool Party" is coming to PC and consoles in 2024

"The Novato-based (CA, the US) indie games publisher Mindscape and Geneva-based (Switzerland) indie games developer Lakeview Games, are today very happy and excited to announce that their chaotic physics-based party game collection "Pool Party", is coming to PC (via Steam) and consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch) in 2024." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


REmake vs. Resident Evil 2: Which Remake Template is Better?

REmake kept the original style adding new flavour and graphics, Resident Evil 2 is a complete modernisation. Which remake style is superior?

TheBrainZ1d 16h ago

The GameCube remake was stunning for its time but the new modernisation efforts are breathing some much-needed life into the older games.

kevco331d 16h ago

I loved the GC remake back in 2000-whatever. But I tried replaying it recently and just couldn't deal with the door loading sequences.

Have I been spoilt by modern games? Probably.

Neonridr1d 13h ago

tank controls just don't work in this day and age.

Babadook71d 1h ago

I think Tomb Raider still works but RE I'm not sure.

Neonridr15h ago

@Babadook7 - imagine an updated Resident Evil or Tomb Raider with tank controls? you can't walk and turn at the same time. It would be ridiculous to play.

__y2jb1d 15h ago

Both are fantastic but the old style controls and the half way house attempt to modernize them in remake both feel extremely dated now. Taking away your preference for the various settings and characters, the recent remakes are objectively better games.

rippermcrip1d 15h ago

I think anyone voting for REmake is simply doing it out of nostalgia. No way a new young gamer is going to pick that over the new ones. I couldn't even get my son to play the game for more than an hour.

KyRo1d 14h ago

Nope. REmake has a totally different vibe, feel and tension that the newer remakes can't replicate due to the camera angle. Yes the original fixed camera was used for technical reason but at the same time, they created a feeling of dread not knowing what was around the corner. You simply don't get that with a third person camera as great as the third person RE games are.

FYouDad1d 4h ago

Depends what sort of experience you're looking for. If you enjoy the old fixed camera OG style then REmake is to me the pinnacle of the form. Incredible atmosphere, visual style and a fantastic revision of Resident Evil 1 with additions that feel completely seamless. Resident Evil 2 Remake in an excellent update (especially running with the IMO vastly superior original RE2 soundtrack) with the benefits of modern design but I still prefer the original game.. it didn't "overwrite" that experience in my mind the way REmake felt like it became the definitive RE1 experience.


Nintendo on the difficulty of transitioning between hardware.

During Nintendo’s investor Q&A, a question came up about the risks Nintendo faces when transitioning from one platform to another, as well as the competition they face

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Jin_Sakai8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

“Since we have often experienced hardship in the past following a good-selling platform, we never automatically assume that our current position is solidified. Furthermore, as you mentioned, our business is constantly subject to fierce competition.”

This couldn’t be more true and proper way of looking at things. Really hoping they knock it out of the park with Switch 2.

We all know that Switch 2 won’t be the most powerful handheld on the planet. Nintendo know that having the most powerful hardware isn’t the main selling component as it’s all about the games. Switch sales prove that.

XiNatsuDragnel8d ago

Switch 2 will bring games that's all we care about

Destiny10808d ago

with zero competition, they still afraid like little cat

launch this next-generation handheld already

NintendoNewsNexus8d ago

They want to try to beat PS2 lifetime sales numbers, in order to do that they need at least one more year.

franwex7d ago

Or they could’ve lower the price too. But I think Nintendo doesn’t care about units sold, but of how much money they make.

At this point I’m not sure if any console will be able to do more than the PS2.

RpgSama7d ago

It might, but It will be with and * next to the sales numbers, this is After all a handheld that can be docked at home and not the other way around

Vithar7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Nintendo doesnt care about that shit like the fanboys does lol

Chocoburger7d ago

Having backwards compatibility would be immensely helpful in their transition to their next handheld. All Switch games having framerate drops would be instantly solved, and dynamic resolution should almost always be at the highest. That alone would garner a lot of sales.

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