10 Unique Ways Sony Can Use The PS4 Share Button

George: "Sony have made some pretty ambitious decision in their illustrious career in the console market but, when it comes to controllers at least, they've been magnificently conservative this past decade and a half. A colour change and convex triggers have been the only real alterations to the dualshock design in the past few years (and yes, I am purposely ignoring the woefully deluded SixAxis motion controls), but things look set to change with DualShock 4."

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Jaqen_Hghar2037d ago

a man would think these are obvious...

TheSaint2036d ago

Also a man might be original.

FrightfulActions2037d ago

None of these appeal to me personally. I just want it to be able to do one simple thing: take screenshots. If it can act like a PrintScreen key then I'll be pleased.

TooTall192037d ago

This is going to be awesome. I used brag clips often.

josephayal2037d ago

I don't understand the point of the touch pad. Have they demonstrated this in use yet?

classic2002037d ago

LOL I too find myself confuse, the good thing is that I wont get in my way, I heard watch dogs will be using it for quick hack selection which is cool.

Also the vigor wheel in bioshock infinite would be good with the touch pad, Instead of pausing the game to select a vigor I can use the touch pad to select them quickly without my game pausing.

BitbyDeath2037d ago

Not in great detail.
Kind hoping it'll transfer well as a mini mouse for RTS and Sim games tho.

FantasyStar2037d ago

Most of my friends who are on Facebook/Twitter tend to keep their gaming lives and social lives apart.

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