Four Features Microsoft Needs to Unveil Alongside the Next XBOX

Joel Taveras writes, "Last month, before attending the event where Sony showed us “the future of PlayStation,” I wrote an article outlining features that I believed the company would have to unveil during the PS4 announcement. I was right on the money with two out of the four, although I’m fairly certain the other two will be announced either at or before E3 this year.

Now it’s time that I turn the tables and do the same for the competition. It’s time that we go over four big features Microsoft has to unveil alongside its successor to the XBOX 360. Let’s run through them, shall we?"

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AngelicIceDiamond2039d ago

Pretty sure MP without the paywall is there number 1 most requested.

MikeMyers2039d ago

As soon as people stop paying perhaps they will drop the few. Otherwise they likely won't. It's a cash cow for them but they really need to offer a free option to be able to play online. Then have something like Playstation Plus that offers an option to gamers to decide. With so many games now pretty much require some form of online it should not come with an extra fee just to access the full game you already bought.

AngelicIceDiamond2039d ago

Right, MP was the main functionality of the current generation of consoles. I could understand why MS would want people to pay this gen but next gen is a totally different story.

With PlayStation greatly enhancing its social features like the Share Button along with their cloud gaming service, Party Chat something like MP is or has been a free given function.

MS can, and I think will offer free MP. MS can charge people for other things like maybe their cloud service along with Xbox Tv, Music, Movies or perhaps enhanced Skype functionality. Or give free stuff I dunno.

But MS subscription with Xbox Live is becoming a very dated model that needs to be built from the ground up if they wanna stay relevant. MS will charge, but not charge for MP. MS will make that money back some other way next gen.

MikeMyers2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Back in 2002 the Live model was simply a wake-up call on game consoles. It really did lead the charge of social gaming that people outside of the PC gaming community never really seen before. Microsoft pushed it hard and it paid off for them. The other big players took notice and made a more serious effort of their own later on (Nintendo was the slowest to adapt).

I just don't see Microsoft dropping the fee unless they have to. They will have charts, they will have their highlights during E3 and other presentations showing how they have kept Live relevant by getting agreements with cable companies and other media apps. But let's face it, gamers are being squeezed in the process and being forced to tag along whether they care about all that or not.

If Microsoft is so confident people want all of that then allow users to just play online with gaming. Have all those other things separated and see who's willing to pay then. Chances are they won't want to do that which is a shame really. It's become a necessity almost to have your system connected online. It's almost a basic service they should be providing at this point. Games are already $60 and if we continue to see the single player deteriorate then that means costs will continue to rise on the Xbox platform if they are still the only ones charging for basic online gaming.

Microsoft needs to get me back as a customer. I don't need them. So if I continue to see them shift priorities away from why I wanted an Xbox in the first place I'm sure I can find another platform to play next gen games on. That doesn't mean I'm not open or I'm biased. I'm not loyal to any of them. Show me the games, show me real world experiences with the new Kinect if there is one. Don't show me tech demo's. Don't show me exclusive partnerships that are really only timed exclusive deals. Show me why we should continue to pay for Live. Show me you're interesting in videogames and not just controlling the living room. Don't use the Xbox to sell me Windows 8.

When we have options we can afford to take our time. I'm not in any rush to buy a PS4 or a Wii U or a new Xbox. They need to put their money where their mouth is. I don't buy into marketing. I don't buy into bashing or downplaying the competition to make themselves look better. This isn't a political campaign. The proof is in the product. Not delays, not CGI trailers, not tech demos, not specs, not sales charts. The fact is they need me more than I need them.

MariaHelFutura2039d ago

Yes. MS needs to stop charging people for the ability to use their internet connection. It should have never came to fruition in the first place.

Jazz41082039d ago

I believe and so does oxm that ms will have free basic mp with no bells and whistles next gen and they look for sony to do the same. If you want more features u pay for live or ps plus.

r1sh122039d ago

I pretty much agree. I do not mind paying for 1 year xbox live, but over the past 2 years it just is not good value for money especially when compared with psn.

I know many will say it has never been value for money, but I have very rarely had problems with any online feature.
It should also be considered, the 'internet revolution' which has boomed, to the point where cloud computing etc... has significantly reduced costs for infrastructure so MS cannot hide behind that fact any more.

I and every other xbox gamer would love for the next gen to have free online play, but realistically MS are not gonna give up a cash cow.
Sony wouldnt either if they started the same

hazardman2039d ago

Sony will do the same next gen. Free to play online and everything else behind a paywall. They need to make money off the Gaikai investment......

zAlchemist2039d ago Show
JeffGUNZ2039d ago

I doubt they will stop charging for live. It appears that is the way it's going with PSN too. I am sure Sony will offer a free basic, bottom of the line service for free, but all the great features they announced so far will be a paid service. It's a catch 22, we all want to have free online but to add such great features come with a price.

MariaHelFutura2039d ago

As long as you can play MP w/o the service, no one will have a problem.

JeffGUNZ2038d ago

That's somewhat true depending on what comes with the basic online service. With all the talk of Cloud Storage and cool features, I wouldn't put it past sony or MS to give you nothing but free online basic play and make you pay for the stuff you really want and need to enjoy the next gen. console. I like PSN the way it is now, for a free service it's great. I would still pay for Live as long as they don't raise the prices much.

Godmars2902039d ago

How about access to free apps w/o the pay-wall?

Soldierone2039d ago

As long as it' not Kinect focused, I'll be interested.

MikeMyers2039d ago

At the very least show how Kinect can be better and not just a gimmick. Right now there is too much lag and its not accurate enough for most games. As a support to the regular controller it's not bad like looking around while playing Forza.

1. They need to show they are commited to gaming with new ip's.

2. Show they are committed to the indie scene and not charge an arm and a leg for patches.

3. Stop requiring 3rd party publishers to play by your rules.

4. Have a free option to play online.

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BitbyDeath2039d ago

Kinect Adventures seems to work alright. (The plugging the holes in the sharktank is quite fun). But to say there is no lag in the Kinect Sports games is just not true.

Boxing is the worst, when you get hit in Kinect Sports Boxing you freeze and cannot hit back and the lag makes it unpredicatable as to who will get the first hit in.

As the next Xbox will have more power it should have all the lag issues fixed.

MikeMyers2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )


it is a gimmick when we see such a stark decline in interest. When you have a huge marketing campaign of course you can help drive interest. Lots of people believed int he product but as time went by very few games actually backed it up. Dance Central and a few others like Kinect Sports. Other than that it was a gimmick because gamers didn't not evolve with it. We barely even hear about it anymore. Even Microsoft toned it down last year at E3. There wasn't a huge push any longer. We seen the same thing happen with 3D and Sony.


I've only played a few games with it. It's a novelty much like the Wii was. What the Wii did was bring people who were not very interested in gaming get involved. Nintendo does a great job having party games. You can have fun bowling and boxing and after people leave you put it away and go back to playing Call of Duty or whatever on your other system. Kinect was even more limited because it only really worked with up to 2 people. Rumor has it the next Kinect will allow 4.

When Microsoft advertised better with Kinect they failed to actually back that up. Few games could add extra immersion like controlling your squad mates in Mass Effect but who really cares about voicing the text? Is that really better with Kinect? C'mon now, seriously. Do these people really think that saying the words out loud is a better experience? Again that was the misconception. Peter Molyneux had a Milo demo and people though 'Holy ****, that's amazing! It has next gen. A.I. that can actually learn on its own!' Ya, right. If we could say whatever we wanted in Mass Effect 3 that would be awesome but it's never going to happen on the Xbox 360.

That's why I want to see the next Kinect in real world gameplay environments that actually shows why people will want to use it.

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MikeMyers2039d ago


Microsoft spent a lot of money promoting Kinect and it did help resurge interest in the platform. However it is indeed a gimmick at this point in time because it did not live up to it's hype. I have played Star Wars and it is a gimmick. It's on rails and you really don't do much. I have also played Joyride and there is indeed an issue with the response time. Same with Kinect Adventures. Tiger Woods also shows the limitations of both Kinect and the Playstation Move. Both are unable to track the swing analysis properly. Can you imagine playing a fighting game like Virtua Fighter with it? Neither can I.

We also don't know how well it will work on the PS4. Like I said earlier, perhaps Kinect 2 can live up to the original potential because as of right now it is quite limited in its application.

Kinect sold 10 million in its first 6 months. It took another 18 months to sell the same amount. In 2 and a half years it has now sold 24 million units. That is a large number for a peripheral but sales have lagged since the opening 6 months.

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MariaHelFutura2039d ago

With how successful financially Kinect was for them, I highly doubt it won't be Kinect focused. It all I'm wait to hear before I decide to buy one or not.

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