PC Game Maker Offering Money-Back Guarantee For Any Haters

MTV Multiplayer writes: Gamers, don't worry if you regret a purchase of Derek Smart's latest space sequel, "Galactic Command: Echo Squad." You can get your money back.

Smart is, to put it mildly, an outspoken developer of space simulation games who loudly walks the line between passionately defending his creative works and at times outright attacking his own audience. Smart's own personal biography describes himself as "an eccentric and vocal personality."

Isn't he afraid people will purchase with every intent to complain for a free version? "I'm quite certain that there may be other takers. Who knows. But regardless, people know who they're dealing with, so its not like they're going to try and pull a fast one. After all, this is Derek Smart we're talking about :D," he told Multiplayer in an e-mail exchange.

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vitz33965d ago

I don't think this is wise. Since it seems their coming right out and saying that they have little faith in what they made.

It could backfire horribly.