Blizzard confirms The Sword of a Thousand Truths is real

It's not just for the kids of South Park anymore. The sword created by Salzman in Blizzard's accounting department may be real, Joystiq.com did a little investigating. Blizzard has confirmed that The Sword of a Thousand Truths, used by Stan to defeat "The Evil Man," is in the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion -- for now.

The Sword of a Thousand Truths is currently intended as a reward in the new Arena System. The Arena System is one of the new PvP elements available with the Burning Crusade expansion. Blizzard emphasizes that like anything else available in the closed beta of the expansion, which started today, this content could change at any time.

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...do Matt Stone and Trey Parker play WoW!? The characters in that episode were seperated between those "with a life" and those "without a life" that play WoW. So, how else would Matt and Trey know so much about the game!?!?!? Or do they go into THAT MUCH research? Anyways, THAT EPISODE WAS GREAT! "Mom, BATHROOM -- BATHROOM!!" XD lmfao


Ranking Every World of Warcraft Cinematic Worst to Best

BLG writes: "To celebrate the announcement of Dragonflight, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, we decided to rewatch all the game’s cinematics and rank them from worst to best. Including the latest one, of course. In fact, we purposely waited until the new expansion got announced before putting together this list because we wanted to see how the Dragonflight trailer stacked up against all the other WoW cinematics. Spoiler alert: it’s not amazing, but it's not the worst one either."

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Overlords of Outland Revealed For World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade

Great looking update here and very interested to see what they have champions of the Horde and Alliance adventuring beyond the Dark Portal in Burning Crusade Classic will soon face some of Outland’s most iconic villains when new raid content becomes available globally.