Official Nintendo Magazine review scores - Mario Kart Wii review

Many games that were reviewed received rather low scores. However, the magazine is the first to review Mario Kart for Wii - and they award it with a 94%.

Mario Kart Wii - 94%
FFCC: Ring of Fates - 72%
Sega Superstar Tennis - 89%
NitroBike - 30%
Bomberman Story DS - 62%
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast - 70%
Samurai Warriors: Katana - 55%
Sega Bass Fishing - 65%
PDC World Darts Championships - 73%
Worms: A Space Oddity - 72%
Jenga - 39%
Bomberman Land - 59%
Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles - 69%
Destroy All Humans! Big Willie Unleashed - 34%

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niall773969d ago

what to you know its over 90%

shocking stuff :)

sonarus3969d ago

personally i think mario kart has fallen off. I actually prefer diddy kong racing

Shioka3969d ago

I want it,more than Brawl :yeah: .

RecSpec3969d ago

The only way I use NP's scores is as a crap filter, many games are usually scored higher than average in it. So if a game gets a low score, it HAS to suck!