PSU: PS3 Theme of the Week "Deathnote"

PSU Writes:

"Last week's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed theme garnered an incredible increase in downloads after being featured on the front page. This week seems like it will follow the trend as SomaXD's Death Note theme has been selected for theme of the week.

SomaXD is a longstanding PlayStation 3 Forums member and has recently been invited to join the forum's Design Squad. According to him, a couple of months were spent perfecting every little bit of this theme, which helps solidify it and justify it as the obvious choice for this week's selection."

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Mr_Kuwabara3965d ago

The Lair theme was pretty cool. And the fact that the images change each time you go back to the menu is pretty cool.

timmyp533964d ago

I gotta get this death note theme.