Console War Gets Bloody: Xbox Goes For PS3's Throat

Just as we thought the battle between Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 couldn't get any more interesting, the fight has just gotten a lot more fierce. The general consensus was that 2008 would be the year of the PS3. The year it finally sinks its teeth into the market to wrestle market share away from Microsoft and Nintendo.

But before Sony could even make a move, Microsoft has pre-emptively spanked the PlayStation 3 in the face. It's unabashedly Wii'd on Sony's fire whilst giving it the proverbial finger. Effectively it's neutered the PS3 before it even had a chance to challenge. And how? By massively reducing the price of its Xbox 360 consoles.

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sonarus3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

hahahaha what kind of title is that. The funny thing ppl don't understand is it takes a lot more than price to sell a console. And these guys are nuts if they think sony isn't perfectly capable of slicing down their prices by at least 50 pounds if they had to

sak5003971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Thats why sony dropped ps3's price twice in a year.

Edit: you said it takes more than a price drop to sell. So why did sony dropped the price twice in a year?

sonarus3971d ago

sak500 i think i missed your point.

Maddens Raiders3971d ago

while the 360 goes for the 'throat', I believe the the PS3 has gone after the whole body. This is clearly evident in the Blu-ray victory, worldwide sales figures, and rock solid reliability. We'll see where this throat manuever gets the Redmond company. In the meantime I think the people will decide what they want (as they are), price cuts notwhithstanding.

marinelife93971d ago

What other card can Microsoft play besides cutting the price? That's the only option MS has left.

fenderputty3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

when you consider how remarlably out of the average consumers range the PS3 was when it launched. Price becomes less imporatant the closer it gets the that "consumer sweet spot". It also matters less when the consoles are closer to each other repsectively.

I do think this is a smart move though by MS. Steal any thunder the PS3 might be gaining in Europe. I only hope Sony decided to lower their prices as well.

Mr Playboy3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

It sound like a P0rn0 movie

sonarus3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

PS3 price cuts were simply a move of desperation. They were selling game boy advanced sales back yr and realistically 600 dollars isn't the ideal price point for a console. Msoft on the other hand is cheaper than ps3, has more games than ps3 but still sold less than ps3. My question is how relevant do you really think this price cut is going to be and what makes you think sony can't counter lol

mikeslemonade3971d ago

The writer of this article loses credibility with the choice of his words. Obviously he is biased against foreign originated companies.

TheExecutive3971d ago

lol they cut their price because they are getting spanked in Europe. So how does this mean that they are going for the throat?

IntelligentAj3971d ago

While i'll agree that this is good news for MS I can't say that it's terribly bad news for the PS3. The momentum is already in Sony's favor and I think they'll see how the price drop plays out. If the sales greatly out pace the PS3 we'll probably see the price drop in the summer.

travelguy2k3971d ago

As the PS3 was priced considerably higher than any1 else in the console market, it should have been the only one with the room too move.

The 360 dropping like this at a time they claim console shortages is bad marketing as they are dropping the price on consoles no one can find or, there never was a shortage and they are hoping this will get sales rolling again.

MikeD1593971d ago

wow def not a fanboy article....

wow4u3971d ago

By Sony giving away a MGS4 bundle, they *are* doing another $50 price-cut.

You dont give away your biggest game of the year -- and forgo a Disc-sale -- without properly considering it.

Clearly, they dont want to have to loose any more revenue. And, they have to get the numbers up to keep Konami happy.

Hence the PS3+MGS4 bundle.

CrazzyMan3971d ago

PS2 costed 299$ from march 2000 till may 2002.
GC was released at 199$ price in autumn 2001. Then price was reduced till 149$ in may 2002.
Guess, who won previous gen war? =))

PRICE cuts DOESN`T matter, when price get a mass market level. That level is 249-299$. Looks like, x360 just went to that level, if sales won`t reach Wii level, then x360 definitely destinated/doomed to 3rd place.

gameraxis3971d ago

And lets not forget, you get what u pay for

season0073971d ago

opps, which side win?

400 bucks player/200bucks drive for blu ray or the 100 bucks HD DVD player with 7 free movies?

yea price matters, but its not all that matters....there are tons of other things that could affect sales...

kevin11223971d ago

Im curious to see what affect this will have. The xbox 360 has always had the advantage of price, this does not change much.

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prunchess3971d ago

It's desperation time. Microsoft is hurting and is now making a last aggressive assault on its potential customers after their HD-DVD defeat.

godofthunder103970d ago

neither microsoft or sony is desperate,they both are doing what they wanted to do.
micro plan worked when they released the 360 a year earlyer then the ps3.micro got a bigger % then they had before and that's all they wanted to do,they knew that it would be a fight with sony so that's why they are really happy where they are at right now.look at it this way the xbox finaly made a profit and that's after they took out the 1 billion to repair the 360 and even ps3 fans have to admit that it's good to still make a profit after that.micro was smart not to put a br or hd drive because they knew that they had to keep it cheaper just so they could compete with the ps3.i know that ps3 fans want admit it but the 360 been out almost 3 years and so far about 98% or more of the games work fine on a dvd-9 disc and about 98% of the games that's coming out this year and next will work fine with the dvd-9 disc.look at it this way,let say the micro will have 500 games for the 360 in the next 2 years and only about 10 will need more then 1 disc and out of the 10 games you only like about 5 of them so you will end up buying about 3 now honestly no one can say that the dvd-9 disc isn't good for at least another 2 years.then about that time micro will release the new 360 and it will have a br drive,then micro could still keep it around $400 or a little less because br will be a lot cheaper in 2 years.
sony was smart to put the br drive in the ps3 because they owned a % of br and they knew that if they put it in the ps3 it will help them win the format war and they were right,if it wasn't for the ps3,br might have lost the is sony and they knew that ps fans will still buy the ps3 even if it didn't have any games at launch,they said it and they were right.the ps3 is starting to sell more so sony is happy where they are at.
i'm a 360 fan and i don't like sony but i'm not a childish fanboy and i want lie about the ps3 or 360 just to try and make the other system look better.the 360 and ps3 are both good systems,even developers said that the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360.ps3 will win this war and i said it from the start but microsoft made a dent in sony domination in the video game market,sony have a smaller % then they had before but sony still have the lead and it will stay this way for a while.when microsoft comes out with the new 360 in about 2 or 3 years micro would get a little bigger % of the market because they want have sony to compete with at that time.i think that fans from both sides should be happy because they both are doing is doing what they always done and micr is doing better then before,hell they even made a profit this generation.

gaffyh3970d ago

I think Sony will wait for a month and see how effective this price cut is. The thing people may not understand is that if the price is too cheap, sometimes people think they are buying an inferior product which is why they choose to buy teh more expensive option.

If the price cut does cause a consistent boost in sales, most likely Sony will also do a price cut, if they do, they will probably do it just before the GTA4 launch and do a GTA4 bundle.

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decapitator3971d ago

This is silly. People are blowing this out of proportion. At least, wait for Sony show their hands before doods go around screaming doom for PS3 sales.

Meus Renaissance3971d ago

Wait, didnt you just submit this story yourself? ROTFL

decapitator3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

uh huh...yeah...I did but damn, some of the dudes here are hysterical man. They acting like is the end of the world or something. Relax.

EDIT: I think I need to stop commenting when am busy doing work.

EDIT2: Did not finish reading it as yeah..I see why you ROTFL.

NO_PUDding3971d ago

I agree though, that it's totally out of proportion.

This is just the descent of the 360. No one really has a reason to buy one, apart from a game all the way in November. And GTA IV. But even then people who buy consoles for GTA, will get a PS3 because of brand recognition and those buying consoles would have already purchased a 360 if they could afford a next gen console. And the exclusive content will be ignored totally, or assumed that it's also available on PS3.

Consumers don't read or listen, they go with what they know. I should know I am one of them.

sak5003971d ago

3 stories about RROD can get approved in a day but something positive for 360 turns into lame. Anyway this is not my story.

sonarus3971d ago

well you have to admit this is a bit of an unnecessary fanboy rant. This is not the first time 360 price is droppin so why is it a slash for the throat this time. I wouldn't report it because i have nothing against news like this but this is more or less a pointless rant and a very unprofessional one too

wow4u3971d ago

You are 100% correct. You only need to look at sonrus' response here.

We get ridiculous "polls" about heat-failures. We get that garbage about MSFT editing Wikipedia. We get every obscure, off the wall article that slams MSFT.

Its almost as if 47% of the market, 18Million (almost 10 million more than PS3) *doesnt*exist*.

In reality, this 50EUR price cut is a massive offensive from MSFT, and its going to have a serious impact (what happens if they have a price cut in NA to coincide with GTAIV?)

MSFT is *leading* and arent going to sit around and rest while Sony tries to catch up.

ONLY a forum like this one could think otherwise.

bruiser813971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

the ps3 has sold over 10 mill world wide for your info prob 11 mill my now and the 360 is prob just hitting 18 mill, with all this comp the ps3 has held its own pretty well. I dont think MS can let anyone do anything, the ps3 will catch up given one simple fact "its a younger system". And microsoft is not leading nintendo is

Shankle3971d ago

Bear in mind the number of RRODed 360s there are and you realise the install base probably isn't that high...

Genuine3970d ago

I've been expecting a "Bill Gates Has Devil Baby!" story for sometime now. This site is 70% grocery store tabloid and 30% credible news.

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Lucreto3971d ago

360 is not going for the throat. It is more a kick in the nuts and running away. Sore but you recover and take revenge.

NO_PUDding3971d ago

+bubbble for your amusing trouble.

Meus Renaissance3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

"But before Sony could even make a move, Microsoft has pre-emptively spanked the PlayStation 3 in the face. It’s unabashedly Wii’d on Sony’s fire whilst giving it the proverbial finger. Effectively it’s neutered the PS3 before it even had a chance to challenge"

Wtf lmao. This writer is funny as hell, I love the metaphors. He sounds like some guy whose been hiding in the basement for months waiting for some thing to spin, and suddenly this morning - he woke up from the dead and is ripping anus' with his literal skills.